New Top 7 Scariest Faces Of Meth Before & After

It’s been a little over two years since I first wrote an article on this exact topic, while not much of what I’ve mentioned before changed in the way I see it. The reality behind the meaning of the one way street is still about the way people fade and crash by own will. The way organs fail through ingesting, what even most of the addicts themselves know to be poison. What’s that poison of choice for the bravest? For those who think it’s physically possible to stay up for days at a binge’s time, without facing the gravest of human health consequences. The substance deemed by all science and common sense as lethal… The kick behind this kind of an article is that it’s not just me really talking about what I think about something. Words can always be disputed, while it’s the clear images that can prove, or disprove a thousand words. Sure, every picture can be questioned too, as any critical thinker should, but they’re then mutually supported by the statements evaluating their presence. If this class appears in the majority of the information shared between people online, then the majority of this class is presumed correct. In conclusion, some questions I think are important to be asked. Like: What’s enough suffering with teeth falling out, & rotting to the core? How can one try to justify driving him/her-self psychotic at free will? What needs more attention: person’s kids, or personal methamphetamine supply? Then, there are some hypotheticals. If you yourself were a user of this narcotic, and would believe that there are extremely high monetary funds flowing behind this product, then wouldn’t you expect at least some parts of the media to be guilty of purposely underplaying the extremity of it’s side-effects? Just looking at the literally compulsive high reporting online, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were ten to twenty articles promoting the drug for every article that opposes it. Nonetheless, it’s not my job to fact check, I just have to show you some pictures. Maybe thought to be powerful. The following seven human beings were transformed by something. These are the scariest instances in recent years. Beyond that, it should be judged by the eye of the beholder.

#7 Mr. Meth 2013

For those who disagree about the timing of the photos, why would anybody be naturally granted with a look of him on the right? It doesn’t seem like nature deprived this person of much. It’s a natural to unnatural kind of a thing when a person is poisoned… Those who think it’s a photoshop trick, this top transformation was found reported on a local channel 10 news site, here sourced.

Doubt Right Slide?


#6 Two For One

In the real world, it’s a lot more than just two people that get hurt by one nonsense. With horrible things like meth, the subject doesn’t have to get far from very literal.

Two For One




#5 Doll To Troll

Poor man’s cocaine is the dead man’s future… This is an infected person. Only something inherently evil can tear any given person’s skin, face, organs, & very often mind apart.

Doll To Troll



#4 Miss Meth 2013

The types of stories of charming to beastly looks have been played by generations, million times over & over. They reoccur because sometimes people take a risk of going with their feelings instead of the brain. There are lots of feelings, but only one thinking organ. What’s easier to listen to? Can it be this simple?… Source, another local TV news. Anyway, here she is, the one & only, truly stunning, no words can describe her. Miss Meth, if you see this, you can pick up your prize for this pageant at the closest welfare office location.

Miss Meth 2013



#3 Three Years

Sometimes a very insignificant amount of time can be significantly affected, the real variable is the what. Time itself doesn’t normally do this. Click image to view in Full-HD.

3 Years


#2 Seven Months

Human body doesn’t waste any time wasting itself when exposed to a poisonous cocktail of methamphetamines. Fast deteiration “might” have something to do with the common use of fertilizers, concrete cleaners, benzene, fingernail polish removers, cat litter, gasoline, parts of lithium batteries, wound treatment cream, among many other things that often go into the production of this “genius mix”. The end result of such a substance is presented in the following transformation:

7 Months




#1 Derailment

Our lives do resemble speeding trains, but that by no means should be taken as trains fueled by the speed. Meth was never even good to use on the metal engines, yet some think it’s okay for their hearts. These false, dangerous notions can be illustrated in the following glimpse of a time period in a life of an affected by the speed.





11 Responses to “New Top 7 Scariest Faces Of Meth Before & After”

  1. Jj says:

    I bet all these are fake. I know meth heads and they are healthy.

    • Teri Stark says:

      Your are ignorant to the real world of meth if you think these are fake, and you don’t know true “meth-heads”. I do, they look just like this, and they are anything but HEALTHY!

    • Mya says:

      What makes you think meth heads are healthy? Unless of coarse you are one yourself!

  2. Bamalamalam says:

    Methheads are not at all healthy. I’ve seen a disturbing number of people turn dark eyed and scarfaced after only a few months. If you are using, stop! You just keep chasing that monkey for what?

  3. Oll says:

    Yes I think it does damage your life and peace of mind

  4. Sidewinder7 says:

    Granted, those pics are likely to be actual photos/”mug” shots of people strung out on meth. However, I believe the people in those photos are the EXTREME cases, and/or “worst case scenarios” of people who have TOTALLY GONE OFF the deep end, in their addiction to meth.
    I also KNOW that law enforcement uses those very pics and the author’s article as sensationalist scare tactics and intimidation to deter people from using meth

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Completely agree with everything you said. These cases are extreme. And we totally do use these to prevent the use of meth.


    • Prince says:

      If these photos don’t scare you, then you your mug shots will soon be on here as well. That would make these people twice as smart as you are. They did not know they would end up like this but you do. I hope that you don’t but the odds are not in your favour because of your crap attitude. Meth is not a drug it is a poison.

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