Top 5 Scariest Faces Of Meth Before And After

Teeth rot out of the mouth, psychological synapses permanently overlap each other – identically comparable to a psychotic person’s state of mind, hair falls out, organs swell and stop working, skin gets picked to meat, what used to be normal movement are now unwilling seizures, constant chest pain,  inability to control entire sentences of words that come out of the mouth, black urine, horrible hallucinations, uncontrollable headaches, all that in exchange for initial energetic euphoria. Help from the methamphetamine almost never comes, unless the addicted finally seeks it out. One’s life in exchange for several hours of speedy feeling, as eventually and quickly, all addicts forget what the initial high felt like and are only left with an unbearable addiction. This drug has become the widespread epidemic of the poor, commonly white communities. Made out of a bunch of dangerous stand alone poisons such as the drain cleaner, benzene, and ammonia, this greater poison emerges. No words can really do justice to the damage this substance causes, henceforth the following photo collection is presented.

#5 Just Over A Year

It gives a person a false sense of energy, and never lets go. Person thinks they are losing weight, while they are losing pieces of vital organs. This photograph shows just what a little bit over a year on meth does to a person.

Just Over A Year



#4 Picked On Himself

In all actuality, this guy truly lasted in his addiction, as this kind of change usually happens in months, not six and a half years like for this guy. Eventuality, however, is always the same with this kind of a thing. In the after mugshot, he looks like a raccoon.

From Dog To Raccoon


#3 Had Her Faded

She thought that her drug friends and substance had her back, while the lifestyle shattered her into many ugly pieces. This photo shows a ten month transformation.

10 Month Change


#2 Slop

Taking major risks with one’s life, such as ingesting addictive poison, can easily lead to psychosis. And that’s just how she looks on the outside, her organs are completely shut.





#1 Speed Train To Nowhere

Meth has the worst aftereffects of any illegal drug. It’s number one in many other different areas, like the highest relapse rate of around 92% of those who have tried it, will keep using for the rest of their lives. It’s the fastest to kill due to it’s dangerous ingredients, such as a spoonful of drain cleaner. The following picture shows the changes in a person through a 10 year period.

10 Years On Meth



The physical changes that occur due to crystal meth addiction are striking.  Using meth causes an addicts’ blood vessels to constrict and the body cannot heal itself normally. Meth users can develop sores that won’t heal, terrible acne, bleeding gums, and rotten and broken teeth.  Pictures of “meth mouth” are even more disturbing than the five transformations pictured here. The pictures tell a story.  Meth is your enemy.  Axis Residential Treatment is one of many rehabilitation centers that will help a meth addict detox from the enemy drug, provide treatments to reverse the physical damage of the drug, and help an addict learn new behaviors and skills to deal with the damage the drug has caused to the brain and body.  Symptoms of depression and craving the drug can occur years after a person has quit using meth.  It is recommended that an addict attend support group meetings like Crystal Meth Anonymous or Narcotic’s Anonymous to fight the possibility of relapsing into using this powerful and terrible drug.

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37 Responses to “Top 5 Scariest Faces Of Meth Before And After”

  1. HFtT says:

    Frightening! Do you know if its even possible for these people to one day recover from this kind of damage?

    • mace says:

      I am one of the 10% of meth addict’s to be bless’ed enough to stop useing. I am in treatment 4 yrs. after active addiction and have major depression due to loss of dopamine ! no pun! I used for 14 yrs. ended up in prison and am now a college student!!!YES it is possible to recover from meth addiction if you havent fried your brain beyond repair!

  2. reproductive orphan. says:

    Mostly no, this damage is irreversible and irreparable. They can get a set of fake, new teeth, and a wig, but the total body and mind damage is already done, and there is hardly any way back.

    • Bobby Jean says:

      If that is the case, then I am a figment of my own imagination. Not only did I recover, but went on to college (at 50!) and became a social worker. Now 62, I have long glorious (albeit white) hair down to my butt, am an avid hiker, fisherman and geocacher. Oh, I also bought a house. Paid in full. Cash.

      Recovery is possible, but one needs to have detailed goals. I made a Think Map that had 3 columns: 6 Month, 1 Year, 5 Year. Decided where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing at each of those points. Then, I determined what was necessary to get there. Finally, I resolved to do one thing, every day,, toward one of those goals. Made the Five Year plan in three.

  3. dick de jonge says:


    meth addicts lmfao

    In the Netherlands we don’t use meth but americans always make things look worse like they only put out the worst foto’s here.

    And what’s up with al the recreational users there are they don’t become addicts.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      With meth, there is no such thing as recreational use. It takes a ladder of drug steps for someone to make a decision to try meth, by that time they are already fully blown addicts.

    • becky says:

      no one ever starts using a drug and thinks they will become an addict. but before you know it bam! you are one!

  4. Nobody in Particular says:

    meth’s danger could be lessened with careful purity regulations on it. The War on Drugs is a failure.

  5. Comin back says:

    It s is possible if you have the will power and want your life back. I have been clean for 5 years after 3 years of use. Meth is the devil and will take everything from you but if you want to get your life back you can. I was a junkie and I got my life back but I wanted it so I turned and walked away from the devil and never looked back. Just remember its not your friend and anyone in the game is not your friend either they are there for the same reason your are for that next high. Best advice you will ever get if you have never done it dont do it!!!!

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Will power is everything. Awesome message, we feel the public needs to be constantly educated about this topic. We 100% support feedback like from Comin back. Hopefully your fighting words will inspire others in bad times to seek out help and get better like you did.

  6. buzzbuzz says:

    I think #2 isn’t so much a symptom of Meth use as much as she just gave herself a nohawk.

  7. cassie says:

    Meth is the worst. My sister started it when i was 10 and she was 17 and i havnt seen her for over 3 years, she could be dead… I miss her every day. Meth killed my family…

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Cassie, I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. I really hope that maybe there is a chance you will see her again. Gosh, this is heavy. Meth leaves families broken, the most important thing you can take away from this bad experience is the 20/20 vision of the horrible nature of this, or any other drug. Your story can potentially open eyes of those suffering with meth, and help their families fight it before it’s too late. I know it’s extremely hard for you, but I’m glad you wrote because it’s important to have a voice, and it’s good to have a strong opinion on this subject. Don’t give up hope Cassie, she hasn’t been found, that means there is a chance she is alive. And as long as there is a chance, even that she is somewhere far leading a shameful existence, then there is a chance she will eventually seek out help and become your sister again.

    • pena says:

      lawl pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. haylee says:

    I’ve been a addict for 4 in a half years,
    And I look nothing like those pictures.
    I am in treatment now because I can
    Not control my mood swings and I
    Wanted ££££ ¥¥¥¥ now I am starting
    To come around after 25days sober&
    Going to rehab everyday I felt like I couldn’t
    Live anymore but it gets better I know from
    Experience but u have to want the help for sure

    €£ – comment edited for post.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Wish you all the best in your medical recovery. Please keep us posted.

    • Bobby Jean says:

      Grab a pencil. And paper.

      Make a Think Map by folding a piece of paper into thirds. Label the columns 6 Months, 12 Months, 5 Years. Figure out what you want to be doing in those time frames. Then, do ONE THING, EVERY DAY toward one of your goals. Does not have to be in order.

      Example: 6 Months goal is employment. You might need retraining, so list school, internship, grants, scholarships. !2 Month goal is Travel: do you need a higher paying job? Where do you want to go? How much does it cost and where will you get the money? Write it all down. 5 Years from now, you might want a house on the beach. Draw a floor plan. Choose the interior.

      Without goals, you will be adrift and at the mercy of whatever challenges come your way. I made just such a plan and met my five year goal (house in the Missouri woods) at three years. I was homeless in SoCal when I made the plan.

      YOU CAN DO THIS. Just refer to your goals every day. And thrive. Find something to make you smile every day. Avoid that nail-biting, stressed out sobriety … have fun with it. My dad used to tell me there were only two things I had to do: Laugh. And Scratch. Go with that.

  9. Seb says:

    Your misrepresentation of data is astonishing.

  10. Seb says:

    “highest relapse rate of around 92% of those who have tried it, will keep using for the rest of their lives”
    A relapse is defined as someone who is in the process of fighting an addiction returning to said addiction. It doesn’t mean becoming addicted after the first try.
    “It’s the fastest to kill due to it’s dangerous ingredients”
    Fastest to kill – defined how? This is very vague.
    “Taking major risks with one’s life, such as ingesting addictive poison, can easily lead to baldness.”
    This is extremely vague and I can’t see any factual backing.
    “identically comparable to a psychotic person’s state of mind”. Identically? Surely not. Similar, sure.
    “One’s life in exchange for several hours of speedy feeling, as eventually and quickly, all addicts forget what the initial high felt like”
    Once again you’ve made the huge unfounded leap from trying it once to being a lifelong addict.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      With meth, there isn’t such a thing as “tried it once” in the big picture. 2011 report from the Addictions Studies Institute suggests a theory that well over 87% of the Americans to have tried meth were already fully blown addicts. And over 95% per capita of those, have only added this substance to their list, or substituted, once tried. Makes sense, if you only do drugs recreationally, you don’t usually start with meth. If you are a weed user, you generally don’t jump to meth either. Are there people who have tried it a few times and quit? Sure. But that’s so rare, it’s not worth mentioning in an article aimed to show the scary side of it. And if one is to drop a substance, that doesn’t lead to the end of the relapse, use, whatever (just different phrasing); Addicts have poison of choice, and those who don’t stick with meth, usually switch to something else they like more, like Heroin…
      With baldness, it’s actually common medical knowledge that ingestion of benzene leads to severe loss of hair, as well as major organ damage. Also, it’s common knowledge that meth addicts like to pick out their hair (so both direct, and indirect)…
      At the time when I wrote the article, I read a credible publication that Implied the CT scans of the brains of active addicts to identically resemble the brains of psycho-active individuals…
      Main thing, if you don’t agree with this information, it’s your right to contest it in a way that you are. But you must remember that the article is commentary. I wouldn’t want to run this as the AP Stylebook newspaper. That would make it lose it’s edge. My comments are just opinions. Usually very accurate opinions. So it can be credible at the same time. I have a feeling you’re looking for the print media delivery, this is the new media. This article was aimed to show some of the scariest instances, hence I presented the scariest opinions to match the visual content. Scary and accurate in my opinion.

  11. Lateisha says:

    Meh can take away your looks, your family and eventually, your life… so, Don’t do it! I do not find anything funny about swallowing : anhydrous ( gas) ammonia, toluene, rat poison, ether, etc. Save your body, mind, life and teeth! Don’t resist to temptation( It’s not worth the risk!) ( No , I have never done drugs….. I am just saying for those that do, there are consequences!)

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Thank you for speaking out Lateisha. I agree 100% with your statements. It’s important for people to know that most folks are completely against poisons such as meth.

  12. mace says:

    Every meth user i know is a wreck !!! PRISON saved my life from this drug.IT is possible to be the 1 out of 10 meth users to abstain but the numbers speak for them selves, meth is wayyy bad and if at the end of your useing you are coherant enough and spiritualy intact enough to stop useing then and just maybe then, you might get a chance to be the 1 out of 10 who get to recover!!!

  13. CEG says:

    I know no one has posted on here in a few monthes but felt I needed to share MY story. I have been clean on METH for seaven and a half years. I was On it for five or six years missing a lot of memories form that time in my live, I did quite for six monthes one time. How did I quit for good? you may ask I got pregant. I was eight weeks along when I found out and had been using EVERY DAY. I was so scared I broke down when the DR. told me. When he asked why I was so upset I told him, he sent me for an ultra sound and baby seemed to be fine. I spent 72 hrs in detox were they watched baby and me the the whole time. We both came threw with flying colors. I left the hospital with instrunction to return for out pation treament but was not able to because I did not have the money and yet I made to much to get a grant. But I did have the will power to stay clean I went in weekly for drug test and they did monthly ultra sounds. seaven monthes later I deliverd a 7 pound 12 oz betuful HELTHIE VERY HELTHIE also drug free baby girl. Is this the end no it is not she is almost seaven and in her seconed year of K. She has ADHD and Asperger’s the DR’s say they cant say that my drug use those first two monthes are the reason for her learning problems but they cant say that it has nothing to do with them either. Here is the scariest part of my story other then a little pot I had never used any street drugs befor I tried meth and I mean very little pot and I was not a big drinker Meth was the first and last drug I have ever been addicted to. so is it posable to get clean and stay clean yes is it easy? I will be the first to say, NO I still have cravings to this day from time to time. But I just look at my two wonderful girls ages 6 and 14 and rember why I never want to pick up another pipe in my life. And yes at one point in time When my older dauter was 4 soicail services thrented to take her away and yes that is why I got clean for six monthes.

  14. Eric says:

    take a close look at photos they are photoshopped

  15. toni says:

    To think how powerful this stuff is . Few yrs layer and this 5 pics. R not even in top 50 it growing fast.

  16. Smithe487 says:

    Very nice! cgfagbkfee

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