Top 6 Hottest Nerdy Women

This list contains adult subject matter. Even though there is never any pornography allowed on this site, the adult dialogue is encouraged. Please don’t click on this list if you are under 18. For nerdy men, women with similar interests often represent the higher meaning in life. Any self-respecting nerd would naturally want his mate to share his love for the php, and such; It just happens that perfection isn’t probable for every single love match, so some have very little choice, but to adapt to the hobby of crocheting instead. As for the good news, now more than ever before, a growing class of women strongly prefer the book smart types, and these girls aren’t afraid to advertise their preferences. These women see nerdy men as their equal counterparts, because being nerdy isn’t limited to a specific sex. Just two people enjoying the same things in life. This list is designed for the nerdy men to be reminded that they are by far not alone. Please enjoy the company.

#6 Bat Me In

Every time she wears this shirt, the DC Comics stocks go up. Wayne Enterprises approved.

Bat Me In


#5 H.T.M.L.

Hot Tits Much Love.



#4 Good Talk

I would love to listen to your strategy plan for the Batman Arkham City on xbox.

Good Talk


#3 The Real Fire Fox

This is how I imagined Firefox personified. What a perfect shirt upload.

The Real Fire Fox


#2 The Intellectual Reflection

This is one of the most meaningful nerd finds. This image adds the naturally needed intellectual depth to the nerdy women genre.

The Opposite Reflection


#1 The Stunner

Out of all the chicks sporting the “talk nerdy to me” shirts, this one is the most special. I’ve crashed and crushed. Goodnight everyone!

The Stunner


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  1. guku says:

    do you want to be my girl freand

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