Top 7 Scariest Faces Of Heroin Before And After

Heroin is a poison that daily kills people across all walks of life. Originally thought to have use in medicine for dramatic pain relief with this opiate-based solution, now heroin is made only by illegal gangs and cartels. In this unregulated, dirty process, hundreds of additional poisonous additives end up being sold in the final product to addicts. Many addicts have died from the added ingredients alone. Our society is battling this macro problem with some very incredible techniques like the Heroin treatment in Massachusetts, yet the problem exists everywhere, in every city of America. Heroin itself is also very much enough poisonous to kill thousands a day. On top of all that information, another fact is that opiates are one of the most addictive substances known to man. When finally realizing they want to quit, many addicts discover that they start to excessively vomit by the end of the first 24 hours without heroin, throughout the second and third days many experience excruciating pain through the body, cold sweats, diarrhea, hallucinations, restlessness, fever, vomiting, all at the same time. Some additionally experience horrible tremors, and what to them seems like hours of bad sleep, is really just a few minutes in real time. For example, one day of withdrawal to an addict might seem like weeks and even months. So does it take a hardcore addict to experience such a withdrawal? No, it only takes a few days to develop the dependency… As with usual human nature, the already addicted will try to recruit anyone they can, any way they can, to have a partner in scoring junk. Sadly, for many this ends up being a one way road. These following examples show what this substance can do to a human body:

#7 Painless Transformation

It’s possible she didn’t even feel her body decay because heroin made her feel so much better.

Painless Transformation


#6 Beauty And The Beast Twist

Heroin is a simple story. The beast used to be the beauty.

Beauty and The Beast


Beauty And The Beast 2



#5 The Good Example of Bad

The source, Telegraph, identifies this man as a heroin user. Click image to view in Full-HD.

The Good Example


#4 There Is A Name

There is a name behind every victim of heroin. This is just one example. There are also always the names of those who suffer due to the struggle of an addict. While there are no photo examples of that.

There Is A Name


#3 Drastic

Some visual examples are clearer than others. This one is clear.




#2 Time Span

Good examples show the precise time frame of the change. For heroin, it’s never long.

Time Span


#1 Lucky Number?

This photo shows just how much some people give up. Can all that was – really be recovered? Click image to view in Full-HD.

Lucky Number 7?



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36 Responses to “Top 7 Scariest Faces Of Heroin Before And After”

  1. lexy says:

    These are actually faces of meth not faces of heroin

    • brandy says:

      I thought the same thing, meth leaves faces scared like that.

      • reproductive orphan. says:

        Several things to consider here. Heavy users can often consume more than just one illegal substance. So if the mug shot was taken due to a Heroin related crime, the same person could’ve been doing Meth even the same day, just didn’t get busted for it. Also, when people nod out from Heroin’s opiate effect, they often scratch their face & arms. That scratching can last hours and leave scars.

        • kevin says:

          no. they dont scratch their face, they scratch their arm near the injection site. not til it bleeds they just get a very temporary rash here that feels good to scratch like a mosquito bite, except it goes away in an hour. also sometimes will scratch torso but not the face..thats specific to meth. rumors like this take hold when the misinformed author writes a false article, its sad that he’d put this out there and counter productive to whatever his cause.

          • reproductive orphan. says:

            Obviously Kevin is trying to inform the public that Heroin isn’t that bad, not as bad as I’m trying to misinform the public of how bad it is… I won’t censor you, you’re entitled to your opinion.

            Btw Kevin, hard-core users scratch on their faces for hours while nodded out. It’s different from the meth itch of blood.

          • Workinman2 says:

            Yes, Heroin addicts do scratch their faces in fact they will scratch anywhere that itches because the drug crystallizes under the skin, while most of the scratching is usually around the injection site, people who snort can and will scratch anywhere including their faces!

          • reproductive orphan. says:


            Thanks very much for expressing what you know to be true…

            This person wasn’t asked, or paid to write this statement. Furthermore, it’s a very factual comment because Heroin addicts really do scratch themselves.


        • lex says:

          Actually, it does make you pick at your face. Different people have different reactions to it… Depends on what its mixed with also…. Majority of the time its mixed with coke…. And they will hallucinate and pick at their skin.

          • reproductive orphan. says:

            Thank you very much Lex. Idk where some people get their info, if they have a friend who uses, some people automatically assume they know everything there is to know about the subject.

    • madison says:


    • chrysteena says:

      fuckin idot heroin is in meth fucktard

  2. Kerry robison says:

    You guys are all idiots. Unfortunately I’ve been a heroin addict for a couple years. It all depends on the dope, whether or not it itches. There’s been times when I’ve done a half point shot and been itchier than fuck. Its just a side effect. And lex. Most heroin is NOT mixed with coke. Sometimes we mix it and do a goof ball but its definitely not cut with blow. That’s some dumb shit.

    • Alexis says:

      I’ve been addicted to pills for years now, if I could find heroin I would probably use that instead, but these posters are so misinformed. First off these are faces of meth photos, most of the damage here is done from meth. Dealers don’t sell heroin cut with coke… that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. They also don’t cut meth with coke. Yes users will use these drugs at the same time when they want to speed ball or really tweak, but dealers don’t sell it that way. Obviously none of you actually know what you are talking about expect for Kerry.

  3. jaycee says:

    these people are obviously meth addicts not heroin addicts.

    • reproductive orphan. says:


      Every person listed here is a heroin addict by source. That means each source claims their heroin use for at least one arrest. Sources include local news stations, who have to check facts hard. By no means does that indicate that heroin is the only choice for these faces. Some might’ve used both, some might have switched. One thing, no matter how well you think you know drugs, human eye is a poor estimate of the kind of addiction one suffers. These people professionally hide their addictions from friends, family, and photos for you.

      • Christopher Overstreet says:

        The “critics” here are all correct, and none were saying heroin is all bad. But these pictures are from a “faces of meth” collection. Heroin/opiate itches are not severe and users wouldn’t scratch their skin off, etc. This is bad mis-information on a real subject. Giving false information is worse than no information at all. Heroin addicts that can afford it, are hard to spot. Doesn’t mean they are not messed up. And yes I’m sure that all those meth-heads pictured used heroin as well, to alleviate come down, or because it was available, or meth was not available, but the effects pictured are from meth. People – do real research!

        • reproductive orphan. says:


          Journalism is done by sources. If you think a news channel that posted some of these is wrong, then there isn’t much I can say to you to change your mind. If you read some of my earlier replies, Faces Of Heroin are hard to find, & the only trusty way bloggers can present you them is by showing faces of arrests for Heroin. Each of these people were at one, or more times arrested for Heroin. Therefore, it’s their faces. I should be insulted for your misrepresentation accusation, but I’m not, this is a tough subject, and I never would have made an article that everyone agreed with.

          Btw, Heroin does itch, it depends on the substance, what it’s cut with, and the person doing, or not doing the itching. Nobody could ever vouch for every scrape on every face presented to be Heroin caused, luckily, this is not what this article is about. These are faces of Heroin. Thanks for reading, and your comment.


          • Er says:

            You’re wrong. You’re just wrong. You jumped the gun with this post, and you need to take it down. This is exactly the kind of misinformation that causes huge, debilitating stigmas across America. It’s pretty clear that you simply fear addicts and drugs because you don’t know much about them.

            I’ve known more heroin addicts and more heroin than you could imagine, and none of them looked like this. None. Your whole “nodding out and itching” theory is bunk, too – when someone has nodded out, they’re OUT. They’re not itching anything. Yes, morphine (heroin is converted to morphine after crossing the blood brain barrier) can cause a moderate itching sensation, but that just so happens to be a side effect that succumbs to tolerance. Therefore, most heroin users/addicts – non opiate naive people – don’t even experience the itchy sensation. A couple years in and you’re WISHING you could get your nose to itch a bit.

            I could go on, but I’ll stop there. Please take this down, it’s just wrong and disappointing. Also doesn’t do much for your credibility. Just saying.

          • reproductive orphan. says:


            Thanks for expressing your opinion. I’ll make sure it gets into an appropriate folder. Send on my cheers to your thousands of healthiest people with heroin addictions, & the Santa Claus while at it. 😉


          • reproductive orphan. says:

            Life through the eyes of Er:
            “Of course, the 1st thing every person with heroin addiction admits to – is how radiantly healthy they look.”


  4. Billy diamond says:

    Journalism and Americas biased ass liberal media misinforming the public? No way homes. Sources must
    check out, suppose junkies do go to work on every little whatever on them faces of theirs. tweakers n junkies, twizzzunkies tweankies. Truth be told, junkies don’t pick their faces till there’s sores. No disrespect I just feel tweakers beat from a different solar system and misinforming folks on an epidemic is as well not all so great. Heroin is in no way good, it’s terrible and it’s weakening our next generation just as certain devils planned on. Anyhow, Piss on media. If your tired of heroin give yourself 5 days and kick. You’ll get thru if your ready. Fools beating more misinformation into our noodles that lifes over cuz it’s unshakeable. I felt defeated before I ever tried kicking my first time God Bless us All.

  5. pat says:

    All of you claiming someone to be right when you obviously have no clue are ridiculous. Kerry knows what’s up. I had half of a 40 bag last night and my face is raw from scratching/rubbing it. And I used to get bad scabs on my nose while nodding, and all without a trace of meth.

  6. the prez says:

    nice try takeing pictures from faces of meth and saying they’re heroin addicts.not smart,evry person on ur list can&thanx to me will bring a lawsuit against you for lying&copyright need their permission to publicly call them heroin addicts with pictures displayed.faces of meth did you didnt.see you in court dickhead!

  7. i have been one for twenty years but clean now

  8. i have been one for twenty years but clean now ha ha

  9. mike d and mca says:

    The only possible reason for the spots on the faces of these examples is 1) meth was involved 2) hep c was contracted. Heroin will not cause a person to to pick their face off- take it from me!…. unfortunatly, i know.

  10. laughing at your comments says:

    You guys are a joke! Arguing over who is right about the effects of heroin.. Shut the fuck up,and stop comparing your fucked up lives to one another. Pathetic and also highly amusing tho, that youre blatently bragging on here about doing it last night and scratching for hours.. your fucking disgusting, and you should save yourselves the scratching and shoot urselves the face..where it itches! .. Ive never put my two cents into any response forum because I have better things to attend to in my life,including NOT running around in hysteria for next hit, and choking myself awake,from vomiting.. And picking and scratching my lovely skin. Get off the drugs u losers or at least the internet

  11. Roxy says:

    Although I have seen some of these pictures on “faces of meth” that doesn’t mean that heroin users don’t pick their face…..I did heroin all day every day for 4 years (smoked it) and my face would itch like crazy, under my eyes, and my nose would be raw. Also I’d sit in front of the mirror picking at it for hours…

  12. maria says:

    to laughing at your comments. u are the joke. i cant see where u get the nerve to put yourself above people and to put down their right to comment what they wish. i am certain in real life you are just another average person and one who takes pleasure in bringing down people who are already down in life. addiction is a serious social/health issue and a horrible disease. it might not start out as one but it definitely does develop into one. belittling addicts and making them out into bratty children with no sense of willpower, like you are doing is the reason why many in our society continue to look down on addicts and why we fail to deal with the problems of addiction efficiently. its shocking how much contempt and apathy some people have for substance abusers and you exemplify that attitude completely. regardless of their substance issues, addicts are still people who have something to contribute to our society, and who have more respect and empathy for the disadvantaged and marginalized in our society than u will ever hope to have.

  13. Peter says:

    Pills make you itch. I have a friend who picks for hours when using


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