World’s Greatest Outdoor Pools

So the summer is coming to an end, which means that the outdoor pool time is going in the same fashion. Maybe this list can remind you to jump into that pool a few more times before the time is up. The following collection represents some of the best pictures of pools posted onto the net. See what you are missing on. Feel free to share this list with any of your aqua enthusiastic friends.

#5 One With The Ocean

The best pools are the ones where there is very little limit between it and a very large body of water.

One With The Ocean


#4 Keyhole To My Heart

There might not be a lovelier place in the world.

Amazing Night Pool


#3 Big From Space

How can a pool that looks big even through the space view, possibly not make this list? Look toward the center top of the first photo to see the tiny little representations of private pools compared to this one.

View From Space



Miles Of Joy


 #2 Inside Out

This is the perfect combination of the beautiful architecture meeting a unique outdoor pool.

Inside Out



 #1 Swimming High

The idea of swimming in a pool floors above ground, is the most luxurious in itself.

Swimming High



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