10 Coolest Logo Condoms

Corporate logo condoms have been gaining public attention for quiet some time now. Even though it’s not clear whether any of these have been officially sanctioned by the respected companies; It’s this journalist’s opinion that they are a product of college bloggers ordering customizable prototypes, or even more likely, could have been created with the use of the digital imaging software. One thought that makes me suspect the credibility of these, is the idea of controlling human procreation could affect the bottom line of pretty much any company. Good numbers are in good number of people. Less people is less profit. You get the point. Also, most of these are photographed near the same computer, hence they share the same source. Real corporate logo condoms would come from different sources. Nonetheless, real or not, (completely fake) these condoms are down right cool. They’re catchy, they make contraception appear as the opposite of dull, and there is this entire article dedicated entirely to them. Enjoy the read.

#10 King’s Thing

Fancy wordplay with the real slogan. Very catchy.

King's Thing



#9 Don’t Tell Me What To Do

Nothing can really top this image, there is hardly anything to say. Did you know that the word “gymnasium” comes from the Greek meaning to exercise naked. It’s true, Gymnos means nude in Greek.

Don't Tell Me What To Do



#8 Sun Of Rainbow

I finally understand what the Skittles slogan means! It’s that good.

Sun Of Rainbow



#7 Clean Hands

It’s good to have something that doesn’t go all over your hands.

Clean Hands



#6 Game Connection

There is a reason why they made a male and a female USB ports. Laws of nature apply to the digital world. Just don’t pay any subscription fee to connect with your partner.

Game Connection



#5 McLovin

Don’t put your Big Mac on the table.



#4 Chocolove

This slogan is a bit more provocative than the usual. That’s how the top of the chart gets stacked. It’s hard to have a conversation about love without bringing up chocolate.




#3 Electro Like

These series of condoms prove that most corporate slogans are a perfect fit for any condom. Or maybe, if people think there is dirty talk involved, they will perceive almost anything as raunchy. What do you think?

Electro Like



#2 Don’t Stop

One of the greatest advertising campaigns has the potential to go beyond the batteries. If rubbers of the future will require batteries, that would be a gold mine for this company. Click image to view in full-screen HD.

Don't Stop


#1 Get Lucky

The corporate king of the Internet deserves it’s respectful place. And if you ever use this rubber, please, do no evil.

Get Lucky



4 Responses to “10 Coolest Logo Condoms”

  1. Gorgi says:

    It doesn’t matter what dey says, me feel like inside the raincoat mon. I heard skitties make u lose little guys anyway jk. Jaja.

    • Chester says:

      What the hell is Gorgi trying to say? Engrish man…ENGRISH!!!

      • reproductive orphan. says:

        @Chester In American slang, Gorgi compares safe sex with condom to wearing a coat. It doesn’t even make sense because coat in rain is a good thing. It’s really dumb. In US its like in hypothetical when you want to feel the rain. Then he implies crazy urban legend conspiracy theory that Skittles is bad for reproduction. I thought it was Mountain Dew.

  2. Brittany says:

    @Gorgi You are dumb.

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