5 Amazing Futuristic Guns

First there was the biggest rock, and the man who owned it had it all. Now, we have many small rocks, and a few that are bigger than any one man, or even an army of men can lift. It’s in nature of a man to worship the small rock, while fearing the other kind. This list is about five of the most futuristic gun prototypes to exist on the internet. Pick your favorites and feel free to share them with your friends using the sharing options at the bottom of the post.

#5 District 9 Concept

Sourced website teaches their readers how to make these bad toys from the popular movies and video games. The following are the guns featured in the movie District 9.

District 9 version 1

Different design from the same category.

District 9 version 2


#4 Mars NRA Presents

If martians did exist, and would be represented by a public weapons advocate, this is the type of a thing we would probably see.

From Mars With Love


#3 The Little Big

Is this a human minimizer or maximizer?

The Little Big


#2 Close To Present

The following concept is a more realistic gun that could soon exist on the market as a real weapon. For now, it stays a CO2 (oxygen) powered gun called the Walther Night Hawk.

Close To Present


#1 Props

The number one place and the props go to the actual prop of a weapon made for the movies and theater.

Prop Gun version 1

Featuring a different view of this gun in a stand-up position.

Prop Gun version 2


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