5 Greatest Clear Business Cards

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The digital age is upon us. Productive entities like to embrace their names through modernization, & some manage to do a good job. Right almost from the start, I must warn you that this might seem to be a biased list. It’s not that I intentionally want to compromise the journalistic integrity of the post, it’s more of an instance of me actually believing in one of my clear stock cards being of the best in the world, the fact that I write comparative posts is a completely separate matter. I’ve compared many different categories on this site, from the best bikes to the scariest of castles, there is no sense in not doing a list just because I have a horse in the race 😉 If it’s a bad horse, I’m sure you will let me know. My judgement isn’t tainted as I present one in this list as my own. It’s not the best of the best, but it belongs in this category. Let’s get back to the subject of the transparent business cards. There are very many types of the business card stock. Some business moguls are known to present cards made from the real gold particles, precious metals, and clear white plastic – while paper is vastly becoming less than the first choice for business card representation. There are seven billion people on the planet, with fewer options available to make an individual statement than actual individuals, it can only get harder and harder to express one-self from a similar person. These kinds of understandings have lead some people to abandon paper and move on to something that currently shines more. Clear card stock often varies by plastic quality, thickness, and the ink job. Enjoy the following best of the clear stock type.

# 5 Clearly Catchy

The blue and grey shades separate this fish from the crowd.

Clearly Catchy


#4 Show On Shade

This is an excellent candidate for this category because it shows off the method of showing off. The two negatives make a positive. Cards are for representation, maybe this photo is a better presentation of that card than the actual card. Could these also be used to block sun rays? Is that a crocodile egg? Priceless.

Showing On

#3 My Horse

This is an original card that I present to this list. Because it’s my horse in my own race, I clearly have that much more explanation to give. Although I don’t ever think mine to be the best one in the list, I think that I can prove to you that it deserves to stay on the post. Comment if you know of a better one for the third spot. Click image to see it in Full-HD.

My Horse

Source: From the minds behind

This is me inserting the card into this exact post. It’s magical. Click image to see it in Full-HD.

Source: From the minds behind

This transparent card stock is 100% clear plastic, unbreakable, 100% water resistant. The inking on this card is clear-cut pure black. It must be solid clear when it needs to be. How is it doing so far? Click image to see it in Full-HD.

My Horse 3

Source: From the minds behind

And in different conditions it needs to appear clear and easy on the eye. Click image to see it in Full-HD.

My Horse 4

Case closed by

#2 Retro Modern

Okay, retro modern is an oxymoron, but then what do you call the following?

Retro Modern


#1 Face Time

They say that a business card must be personal. There is nothing more personal than a face, this clear is clearly the greatest. Reach out, touch face.

Face Time



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  1. Travis says:

    I would like to know what sites made these business cards?

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