7 Incredible Futuristic Smartphones

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Smartphones are the all-purpose pocket knives of the 70s, turned digital. Phones are now used for a wide variety of functions: from protecting our homes, to helping us with work, to entertaining us on a rainy day with a book, song & a movie. The functions are evolving faster than the technology itself, which has to constantly compete with our demands and expectations. Why stick with one 5 megapixel camera when you can have 2, and an additional 3D video rendering camera just in case. This list examines the top five most promising smartphone prototypes of the future. And even though these are not out, their fate is based on your reaction. How do you like your phone in the future?

#7 Total Recall

According to the source, the following design is meant to help the hearing impaired in style. Eventually, this design can also be adopted as a standard for virtually any type of a smartphone-tablet.

Total Recall



Click image to view in Full-HD.

Total Recall 2




#6 Clearly Better

One constant about the constantly changing phones is that they keep getting thinner, while the screen gets clearer. This concept jumps right to the natural peak of this notion. Who wants this under the tree? Maybe next year.

Clearly Better




#5 Dual Touchscreen

How is the two sided touch-screen phone is still a concept? Someone out there turned down a great idea for an actual release. Who will be the first to unveil the phone that’s smart on both sides? It’s like having two phones in one, everyone would buy.

The Two Sided Touch



#4 Philips Fluid Concept

This little wristband could possibly take care of most personal & business communication computing needs. All while more connected to the person, thus possibly enhancing the communicative experiences. It really would be wonderful for some people to forget browsing pockets and purses, eager to end the ringtone of embarrassment. Digressing further into that line of thought, there should be a ringtone that sings “You feel lame now. I dare you to shut me off. Can’t find me, how bad is it? Cry!”, that could potentially turn a crummy situation on it’s own reflection reverse psychology style, thus possibly making it less stressful. So back to the Philips Fluid concept, yes, many people would be ecstatic to wear that smartphone. Be physically connected to songs, communication, video, camera, and many other wonderful functions. There are two problems I see with this concept. One, it might be held back by the fact that watches are more replaceable than touchscreen micro computers. Besides breaking one of these, one would have to consider theft, and invaluable digital possession that could be compromised by a stolen wristwatch. Of course, these issues can be addressed with an unbreakable shell and internal security system. One last thing worth mentioning is that this is clearly a step closer to a surgical nano communicator incision into the human body.

Philips Fluid Concept



Concept Philips Fluid



#3 Aston Martin

Best not based on the photo, but the image. Let me explain, many things are presumed to be the best in the world based purely on the brand. A car company that makes their cheapest model at over $100,000 MSRP, wouldn’t back a bad phone. One fail, and the entire brand can collapse.

Aston Martin



#2 Thin Ice

This is another thin and clear concept that represents the eventuality of the phone design. So unless we will find a way to plug in phone technology directly into our brains, this should be an expected type of an item in the near future. This being a second transparent phone on this list of the world’s best futuristic smartphone concepts, one thing is certain, thin and clear is the way to go.

Think Ice




#1 Curves

While we are waiting for that glass transparent phone, why does everything have to be so rectangular and boxy? Everyone likes curves. The imagination is out there, but every design needs a manufacturer to back the idea. The following smartphone concept illustrates exactly how the switch from the flat plane could be beneficial. Have a much easier time separating functions from the display. Notice (2nd photo), even the social media buttons on the top are digital. This phone would guide the user between tasks more efficiently, only if it was real.




Curves 2



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