5 Oddest Kiosks In The World

There is something special about every single little portable business unit. Maybe it’s because supporting one makes us feel like someday we can own our own mini retail store in wheels, travel and see the sights all while supporting ourselves at the same time. The following five tiny stores are just a little bit more special than the usual, all in their own, individual way. If have any crazy kiosk suggestions of your own, please use our comment system on the bottom of the page. Unlike the following images. this page isn’t a crowded space and all user submitted, approved kiosks will travel with this pack for amplified laughs.

#5 Sony Portable

This might be a slightly larger accessory than the usual Sony product, while some predict these to be the future stores of the world.

Sony Kiosk



#4 Toxic Brew

This coffee hut is in the shape of Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric), a highly toxic, poisonous mushroom. Maybe that’s why their doors, and windows are closed.

Toxic Mushroom



#3 Psychic Businessman

Maybe Irene, the psychic who owns this kiosk didn’t bother to look into the future where nobody takes her seriously because of her childish, cheese shaped business.

Psychic Building



#2 Personal Space

Maybe this image was made to remind people that there is a little kiosk around all of us.

Personal Phone Booth



#1 Reassertion Of Power

As with any security system, the assertion of power is required. Unfortunately, the founders of this solid fortress haven’t thought the whole thing through yet.

Security Kiosk



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