5 Recent Greatest Inventions

It’s time for another serious list. This one showcases the best five inventions of the past two centuries. In today’s world, it might seem that the constant new innovation is endless, while the reality is that most of them are only upgrades on the listed five, while not all. Cars, planes, roller coasters, plow machines, trains, aeration tools, are all just engines, and so forth. While there had been many other unsurmountable contributions like the photo camera, terrain plumbing, and medical like the penicillin and water fluoride, the following are featured as the alleged most socially influential. Feel free to comment, and post your own favorite inventions.

#5 Light Bulb

It would be hard to use any invention, without having this one first. Following image illustrates the vitality of the warmth of light.

Light Bulb



#4 Industrial Printing Press

Where would the humanity be without the macro viral propaganda.

Industrial Printing Press



#3 Telephone Communication

Phone set way to the idea of modern electronic communication, regardless whether it was invented by Bell, or Meucci.




#2 Engine

From the steam to the rocket engines, this category covers everything in between. The following photo is of the Orbiter engines.




#1 CPU

The invention of the computer is the greatest tool in the hands of men.

Just Another CPU





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  1. HFtT says:

    I love that concept phone image you used. You should make a list about that too!

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