The Top 5 Extremely Interesting Lights

Ever since the caveman days, humanity has been utterly compelled by our light sources. Many different creative takes have always revived our attention back to the most important piece of any lamp, the light bulb. The following list showcases the top five extremely interesting versions of lights. As there is no sense to beat around the bush in respect to this collection, prepare to feast your eyes upon the most interesting of this world, and enjoy.

#5 The Case Of The Curious Mustaches

Light bulbs look a lot friendlier this way.

Mustache Light



#4 Outside In

This lamp comes equipped with the surreal experience.

Outside In



#3 Spiritual Light

This picture requires no explanation.

Buddha Ball


#2 The Dark Light Force

This is a Tim Burtonesque take on the light.

Sinister Lamp


#1 Light Struggle

Poor guy just doesn’t want to be plugged in to the wall.

Lamp Guy



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