Top 7 Coolest Tables

Tables are a pretty big deal to many people. All the prominent tables are always different from the simple top and legs, they all share a factor, or factors that make them unique. This list showcases the best of the best in design, functionality, value, and prominence of the general table category. Just because furniture are just objects, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be unique and amazing. Enjoy this remarkable furniture showcase, and feel free to share it with your family and friends.

#7 Feet On The Table

This table also works as a floor.

Floor Table


#6 Literal Table

When we think of the wooden tables, we hardly attribute much thought to the actual trees that they come from; This table was made for this reason.

Wooden Table


#5 Poolest Table

Picture speaks clearly for the preeminence of this pool table, which according to the source is worth 30 thousand bux.

Pool Table


#4 Simplicity

This table proves that there is coolness in simplicity.

Simple Loop Table


#3 All Tables Are Former Table

This table transforms to serve multiple different functions. It can be several, completely different tables.

Transformer Table

Transformer Table 2


#2 Ripple Off?

According to the source, the least expensive table in the Ripple Table line is worth $45,000 retail.

Ripple Table

Ripple Table 2


#1 There Is A Desk For That

According to the source, the following is a prototype table that continuously sendsĀ  the screen of the owner’s Iphone to the 58 inch screen of the desk.

Iphone Table


2 Responses to “Top 7 Coolest Tables”

  1. HFtT says:

    In the last pic Apple is obviously trying to copy the Microsoft Surface.

  2. Now&Then says:

    Side note. Now, years later, Microsoft Surface means a smaller, personal touch tablet. Then, Surface actually was a giant, Microsoft, interactive table, such as the last IPhone, responsive to live touch of hand gestures.

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