World’s 7 Most Creative Pizzas

A circle pizza pie represents the circle of life. These are the culture commemorative snapshots proving that idea. They vary from the artistic points to very literal ideas, as much as they vary in taste. List Salad requirement is the total eye candy validity. Like Frank Sinatra looked at the moon and saw pizza, this list is designed for you to look at and see human imagination at work. Hold that delivery line until you finish the list.

#7 Yoda

For a Star Wars fan, it’s hard to look anywhere without seeing their favorite characters. It’s the same as religious figures appearing to god devout folk. Henceforth, some people prefer to add the characteristics themselves instead of just waiting for the sign.

Yoda Pizza


#6 Papa In The House

If it makes your mouth water, then it can be far more real than something that’s actually made of dough.

Pizza Ad


#5 Ms. Pac-Man

Video games and pizza have always been a loved and respected combination to many. And as many video gamers know, when two closely related and cool worlds collide, well, it makes for some awesome eye candy. Her round figure and an insanely wonderful, big mouth continue to charm millions.

Ms. Pac-Man Pizza


#4 Incentive

As a solution to marketing that nutritious slice to your children, the idea of idol placement was born. If it wasn’t working, the Hello Kitty pie would still be in tact.

Idol Pizza


#3 Candy Pizza

Images from the sweetest dream.

Candy Pizza


#2 Size Matters

These two works of art took the same place as they both could have fed three Ugandan villages for over a month. But as how any pizza connoisseur knows, with great taste comes an even greater stomach.

Huge Pizza


Table Pizza


#1 Mushroom Pizza

This gives mushroom pizza a whole new meaning. And that’s what this list is for, new standards for the ordinary.

Mushroom Pizza


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