5 Amazing Photoshopped Produce

Photoshop era is just the beginning, all these image are already sealed in the history chapter of modern art. The possibility of the next Picasso being an internet consultant, out of grandma’s basement with a hobby of digital art design, is valid. Photographic surrealism is taking off, more and more people are starting to enjoy this type of photography. Presented is our hand picked, best five modified collection of fruits and vegetables.

#5 Aren’t You A Frog

Why would anyone peal this kind of an orange. That’s a real peal deal.

Aren't You A Frog



#4 Sore Mouth

This apple got food poisoning, he is usually known to be very delightful.

Apple Delight



#3 Puppy Bananas

Even cat people would keep this one.

Amazing Dog



#2  MGM

Mcdonald’s genetic modeling.

Mcdonald's Genetic Modeling



#1 Pipe Dreams

This poor watermelon can’t deal without water. It’s going mental.

Pipe Dreams



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