5 Craziest Dog Grooms

Some people obviously take dog grooming too far. If that wasn’t the case, this article wouldn’t exist. I’m sure the animal itself doesn’t mind if they look a bit bizarre, but nonetheless, crazy grooms are more about the lack of taste rather than an art form. All owners of the dogs featured in this article are free to disagree, while the mission is to let the people form an opinion on this kind of furry craft. Do you think this is in feeble taste? Or do you think this is kind of funny? Feel free to comment after the article… We’re always happy to help you see something new everyday. Enjoy the read.

#5 Pandemonium

I wouldn’t be surprised if as result of it’s new coat, this dog developed a personality disorder and actually started thinking it’s a Panda bear. It probably also forgot how to hump. Click image to view in full-screen HD.






#4 Lying Lion

The supposed lion is wearing zebra shorts. That’s pretty accurate.

Lying Lion


#3 Disturbing

Something about this one is more crazy than funny.





#2 Quaterbark

Okay, this one is a little bit funny.




#1 Little Pony From Hell

It’s always obvious when we have a winner in the crazy department. This horsey will haunt me in my sleep. Would anyone be shocked if it started eating raw meat instead of a carrot?

Little Pony From Hell



3 Responses to “5 Craziest Dog Grooms”

  1. Roger Clein says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen dogs like that didn’t think existed. As long as all that paint is safe, I don’t see why not do it. Like a hobby. These dogs will get more attention so that’s great.

  2. Brutha says:

    @Roger They use special paint. It’s dog friendly.

  3. Rachel B. says:

    Who knows whats really dog friendly.

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