5 Funniest Print Mistakes

Human error is prone to happen in any industry, even the ones that seal the fate of their every word through publishing. Maybe that’s why these types of mistakes are funnier than the regular word bloopers that somebody utters. The article has been assembled, the editor had approved it, and the words went in to print. And for us to laugh at. In all probability, these articles, regardless of how wrong, have already gathered more views than the completely correct ones. Hence, mistakes pay off.

#5 Blind Eye On The Sky

This gap of American history was probably erased from our memories by the aliens who attacked on the reported day.

Battle LA



#4 Redoubtable Mistake

We win even when it’s a tie. The message is right.

Redoubtable Mistake



#3 Article Of Intellect

When a combination of spelling, factual, and relevancy mistakes appear in one newspaper article, it can be pretty embarrassing. Some public humiliation is in order.

Newspaper Article



#2 Word Play

Column writers for this paper found out that it’s their responsibility to predict the way people understand their words.

Word Play



#1 Minor Edit

Prostitution allegations have their way of disappearing.

Minor Edit



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