5 Funniest Scare Tactics Videos

This list contains the top five best pranks from the show Scare Tactics, hosted by Tracy Morgan. ST pushes the envelope a little bit further than it’s predecessor, Candid Camera did. All the episodes involve unsuspecting victims almost going number two in their pants, instead of just being pleasantly surprised by discovering they are on television. Unfortunately, some of the best picks were disabled for embedding, however, all the youtube links are provided.

Scare Tactics


#5 Back With Shotgun

The victim in this video definitely wanted to save the laboratory born monster, he just wanted a gun in case the janitor showed up.

#4 Slice Of Life

This prank is very special because they had to cut it short due to the victim’s visible breakdown. Seconds away from the heart attack makes for good TV. Unfortunately embedding for this video is disabled.

Watch Convo With A Killer

#3 Ghost Sitting

Watch as this babysitter turns into a baby.

#2 Nuclear Meltdown

This guy is about to grow a tail, and all he can think about is his cellphone. Embedding is disabled.

Watch Hazmat Horror


#1 Settle Down

The best scare tactic. Victim was actually temporarily kidnapped, and her life was threatened. Once again, embedding is disabled.

Watch My Heart Belongs To Misery

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