5 New Funniest FB Posts

Check yourself for an underwear spare because the new list of the funniest facebook posts is finally here. As always, all of our trolling engines are powered by the, the authority on the online prank humor. So, if you crave more after finishing this list, you know where to go. The following five posts were selected out of thousands of funny candidates for the inclusion to this list, which really is just a longer way of saying that the next five facebook trolls are awesome. If you feel that this statement is mostly accurate, please use the sharing options to show your friends that you’re a gold digger when it comes to finding the funnies online.

#5 Mike’s Funny Bone

Mike isn’t afraid to share his viral humor.

Mike's Funny Bone


#4 Private Blonde

She is a looker, so I’m sure Michael came back to the love cave despite this one little oopsie daisy. As far as the comical contingency goes for this post, this woman is a humor soldier by all means.

Private Blonde


#3 Everybody Loves Kelsea

The shower part probably had very little influence to the popularity of Kelsea’s message. Oh, who am I kidding? Kelsea must’ve been practically asking for all the likes.

Everybody Loves Kelsea


#2 The Last Laugh

This post proves that certain jokes used in the moment of anger, can work very well. It seems as even though she broke up with him, he ended up catching the last laugh.

The Last Laugh


#1 The Fool Proof Proof

Let’s get historical. Look at the time stamp of this post. Conspiracy nuts, JWB did it, what more proof you want?

The Proof


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