7 Funniest Memes 2013

Modern Internet memes represent the digital folklore. One image spreads through the society at an incredible speed, & then, just as fast, fans find great ways to add to it; The improved versions then spread again – and so forth. Tales used to travel through the spoken word in a very similar pattern. That in ways is suggestive that we are back to telling tales, only go about it differently. Furthermore, regardless of what deeper social psychology lies behind the Internet meme phenomena, most Internet savvy people find them funny. Since you are here, it’s safe to conclude that you’re pretty savvy with your browser. So then, the last ingredient of this article are the 7 funnest memes floating around the distant corners of the world wide web. Enjoy the read!

 #7 Blind Eye Of The Beholder

It’s 2013, & rage face memes haven’t all burned out yet. Brother sees his sister as a clown, but many people like clowns.

Blind Eye Of The Beholder




#6 Bond Of Goats

This little story is both funny and motivational. Imagine that, Internet is actually teaching someone something. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Bond Of Goats


#5 The Pro

Some would tell him that chasing that red dot is like chasing your own tail. If they got as as close as this cat to the capture, they wouldn’t be saying such silly things. Click image to view in Full-HD.

The Pro


#4 Comic Witt

All Internet comics are memes. They have really taken off. Now, they not only help people see the world around them, but also to look inside one-self.

Comic Witt



#3 Meet Bob

He is just on his way out. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Meet Bob


#2 Dino Thought

Dinosaur memes are the best. What a perfect way to present the views of an outsider looking in. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Dino Thought


#1 Sad Story Bro

People expect all tacos to be happy & blow taco kisses. The following saga is of an unordinary taco, inhibited by guilt, shame, loathing, and pretty much everything else people go through. Coming soon as a de-motivational poster to a room near you.  Click image to view in Full-HD.

Sad Story Bro



3 Responses to “7 Funniest Memes 2013”

  1. Kassey Linn says:

    Oh gawd, I loove the dinosaur ones.

  2. Yuri Gagarin says:

    Who here remembers the Edgar Allen Poe Dancing memes. Those are so 2012 now. 😉

  3. Jen Conelly says:

    “Michael you can’t keep yelling: I need this, I need this, as you pin an employee to your lap”.

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