7 Greatest Trolls 2013

Since the creation of this blog a few years ago, all of our trolling needs have been powered by the best online troll engine at Besides the fact that they are the first troll blog, it also happens to have the largest cataloged selection of the best pranks from around the Internet.

Now, what is trolling? Trolls intimidate sensitive people online through the use of inane arguments, comments, gestures. Really anything that gets a response. Sensitive online user falls for the bait- comedy is made & posted to the Internet. Trolling has been going on since the invention of the Internet. Internet became the primeval feeding grounds for the jokers, united like any other group by the web.

What did, they became the first universal catalog of these trolls; Instead of searching many sites for troll posts, they were the first to invite people to their free website that publishes & catalogs only troll related material. So trolling all day long, in one place. It’s truly one of the funniest places online, and the following five trolls have all been taken from the awesome catalogs over at HelpFeedTheTroll. This being just a small taste of the thousands of new trolls on their website. If you like what you see, give them a visit and let my servers finally cool down a bit. Thanks.

#7 The Art Of Self -Trolling

This particular troll focuses on the idea that trolling doesn’t have to include a sensitive bait in 100% of instances. Sometimes the troll pokes at himself, especially in a fashion of ultimately getting away with the joke. It’s the same concept as getting as close to the fire without actually being burned. What I’m babbling about:

The Art Of Self Trolling

#6 Perfect Set-Up

Sometimes people set themselves up for a joke, without knowing that a troll is lurking in the midst. Since the invitation to the joke is posted online for “some” to plot over, there will always be a high risk for something like this to happen:

Perfect Set-Up

#5 Hard Work

It takes a great effort to create a classic troll. This is pure hilarious.

Hard Work

#4 Mr. Wingley’s Smile

Sometimes a joker has to release. The guy wasn’t really asking for it, he just wanted to get some information for his biology class. Then bam, a troll is born.

Mr Wingley's Smile

#3 Bonfire & Marshmallows

Not only HFtT do trolls, they also have a little section where trolls go to confess their real life sins. The following is an actual story submitted to the publication:

A friend and I threw a raging kegger when the PS2 came out. We charged everyone walking in $10. When we hit $650, we called 911 and got the party busted up. We then left and stood in line to get our free PS2′s. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve done. Especially since we used some random person’s house. Jingy’s Troll Story submitted to

#2 Face To Face

The following troll was caught on Omegle, a service that matches up two strangers for some lively face to face video chat. This troll proves that not all trolls are anti-social rejects hiding behind the cloth of digital anonymity. This troll is very much social. One of the funniest motion pics on the net.

Face To Face

 #1 Ol’ Siri

Us, the tech savvy folk love the sight of Siri trolling Iphone users. Regardless of any conspiracy theories, maybe we want this to be real so much, that it really doesn’t matter.

Ol' Siri


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