7 Hot Women Making Ugliest Faces

When one is tasked with contributing to a blog, the writer often carries the burden of creating something that has the most general appeal to as many people as possible. In order to stand out & compete with an organized media, blogs are naturally expected to deliver more jolt per word, as they are rookies. Everything from choosing which order the articles are to be released, to what content deserves nomination by inclusion over the other, & of course why, all these things fall responsibility to much less manpower per article than a newspaper, for example. Yet, some few top notch blogs continue to attract attention of the behemoth chunk of the world’s population, the reader base that grows faster than on any other media platform. My theory, I think some blogs are so big because they publish differently. Because they want to. People don’t just do things because they’ve got more room to wiggle than the guy that makes that offbeat suggestion to a room full of sweaty men daydreaming about golf. Although, not having that luxury helps… So after so much unusual build-up, what can this list be possibly about? Just go along with me & pretend you didn’t read the headline. Now entertain me by pondering about an even more interesting question of why am I talking about blogs when this is supposed to be the list about chicks making faces? All these are great questions, and the answer is quiet simple. It’s because you won’t get this in your newspaper. It’s what sets me apart from the other guy, it’s my choices made live to the entire planet. I think that our ladies entertaining us is a beautiful thing, I’m thankful I don’t owe any board any answers about that opinion. Undoubtedly corporations can do many things better, but running a blog is fortunately different. Even if you wanted to pour manpower & robots on a given article, that would make the gap between the reader and writer only that much deeper. People can’t trust robots with all worldly tasks, like cutting of human hair; Some stuff is popular just because it’s unsold. Many people read blogs because they connect with the writer in a different way. People like the writer with no deadlines, no group of bosses, and most importantly no obvious bias. Plus, blog content should never be charged for, making it a tough cookie for a money making machine to swallow…

That was one of the longest introductions to date. It’s important for me to sometimes remind the reader why I publish what I publish. To me, adorable women making the funniest of faces is one of the greatest things. Why wouldn’t I want to make the list of the best attempts? By that I mean the best demonstration where the lady’s change between the looks is the most drastic. Also, personally, I feel that this is a very clever skill to have. It’s also attractive. Being in a relationship, most people want to laugh rather than cry. Women like that make many guys truly lucky. Thanks for reading.

 #7 Photoshop Live

It’s as if she has a real-time nano photoshop kit for her face. Told you, one picture and you’re addicted. Also, this picture shows this genre isn’t as fake as the usual doubters would like to automatically assume. This proof is for you, the constant critical thinker.

Photoshop Live



#6 Something About Eyes

She is an adorable combination of looks and personality. Her eyes are always something else. For better, or for worse.

Ugly Mirrors



#5 Ugly Mirrors

This woman always liked ugly mirrors, but her family was too poor to actually buy them. The usual story of unusual talent. I’m joking, of course. Video pic is worth ten thousand words.

Ugly Mirrors



 #4 Oh Meme

It’s not about how you look, it’s all about how you want to look. Why not? Single men, don’t tell me you wouldn’t wear this same face on a dinner with her if that was your only ticket for a date? Click image to view in Full-HD.

Oh Meme


#3 Face Time

Friends that go nuts together, end up on the Internet. As with anything in life, the more crafty women, the merrier. Click image to view Full-HD.

Face Time


#2 Hot Duckling

Letting my imagination run wild, granted how good she is at making this face, I thought of a scenario in which she hated some person, and every time they meet she wore this face. That would be pretty insane.

Hot Duckling



#1 No Sin Queen

There she is, our face pageant winner. Give the lady some applause. If life is a stage, then the bed is also a stage. Think about it. Click image to view in Full-HD.

No Sin Queen


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  1. Sam says:

    Something About Eyes is really adorable. My mind can’t accept it’s her in the other photos. Hot Ducklimg has the cutest smile. Great article admin, magic word “Moar Plz” lolz!

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