8 Funniest iPhone Texts

Mature Content: Adults 18+ Only

One of the current trends spreading across the internet are the screen shots of many embarrassing, funny, and, or radical text messages. Since the iPhone is trendy, it’s no surprise that the messages are posted in Iphone SMS application form. However, the most interesting point with these is that they are mostly fake. Why? Well, because iPhone auto correct will not mistake perfect for pregnant, and so forth, that would cause a mass riot within a day in real life. Despite knowing this, it’s still fun to read and laugh at these. Enjoy!

#1 Perfect Is Pregnant

This image demonstrates the point made in the introduction of this article. This is not real. Click image to view in full-HD.

Pregnant GF


#2 Rounding Up Romance

This message is plausible, making it funnier to imagine it being real. Hence, the humor in the title.

Rounding Up Romance


#3 Alien Intelligence

She should have asked Siri about the emoticon before sending that text. Click image to view in full-HD.

Alien Intelligence


#4 Cliche Stumper

So much wisdom, so little privacy. Granted, it’s not a bad come back to a boring cliche.

Cliche Stumper


#5 Bad Dad

If this would be real, it would be used to convict this man with neglect, and we all would hear about it. So, it’s probably not real.

Bad Dad


#6 Sticky Situation

There is hardly any possibility of proper write-up for this one. It explains itself.

Sticky Situation


#7 Techno Parenting

This dad is parenting with his texting app because he refuses to miss the truth.

Techno Parenting


A bit more of techno parenting.

Techno Parenting 2


#8 Bust A Move

When you’re in a nightclub, this is what you’re suppose to do. Hopefully this move stunned the lady.

Bust A Move


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