List Of The Most Extreme Piercings

Ok, so people have been putting healthy holes through each other since, well, the origin of people. Some take it a bit further than others, but that’s what the competition is all about. It’s about pushing the envelope. Getting further in the same category than the last guy. Piercings can be fun to look at, one of the reasons is that inside such an old fashion, originality still prevails. Feel free to pierce the eyes of your friends by sharing this list using the social buttons below.

#6 The Devil Has No Disguise

Some people refer to their appearance as the blanket for the disguise, this guy likes to keep it real.

Devilishly Bad


#5 Piercing Warts

Sometimes the combination of all things ugly can just be used to conceal the beauty inside. Nobody knows if this is such an instance.

Piercing Warts


#4 Silver Man

In the fashion of pain, quantity matters.

Silver Man



#3 The Leg-End

And we all thought that Gandhi was against the infliction of pain.

The Leg-End



 #2 Originality Trumps

As you can possibly tell from the list description, this list is all about the most original of the most extreme. Although, it certainly looks like all this originality is blocking the vision of the guy on the right. Thankfully, according to the source, this Japanese body modification lasts only about a day. Who knew that a temporary could grab the second place.

Originality Trumps


#1 No Joke Joker

Joker from the Dark Knight has finally found his match.

No Joke Joker




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  1. Shannon says:

    Do they HURT !

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