Single Best List Of Shadows

Shadows are easily used metaphorically and in foreshadowing, that’s why the art of the shadows is often used to send a very specific message, most unique for each different piece of art. The following list showcases the best five shadow pictures posted onto the internet to date. As always, List Salad provides social commentary for each item in the list, and allows you, the user to join the discussion by commenting as either a guest, or a registered user. Enjoy!

#5 Haunted Shoes

This illusion is both interestingly creepy and metaphorical in many different ways.

Haunted Shoes



#4 Hot Head

Mixing personal reflection with objects is a lot of fun.

Hot Head



#3 Fake Reflections

This is by far the best representation of faulty shadow realism.

Faulty Reflections



#2 The Switcheroo

His dark shadow has overcome this person. He himself is now the shadow.

The Switcheroo



#1 Held Up For Amusement

The only remaining question is what is that on her face.

Held Up



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