The 5 Most Disturbing Animal Visions

Caution, viewing discretion for this list is advised. This list contains two photographic visions of zebras, two snakes, and one made-up creature. In common, all of the following animal images are very troubling for the mind, they are very perturbing. If in the middle of the night you awake in heavy sweat, having seen one of these, don’t say you haven’t been warned. Feel free to leave your comments, comments are shared along with the list, and they can travel a long way.

#5 Green Stripes

This might not be visually horrifying, but it can symbolize forced animal cannibalism, and is just a warm-up.

Green Stripes


#4 No Life

What’s with the zebras you might ask, well, this one gets scarier. This vision of animal to insect hybrid mutation shows the grim existence of a zebra bug that’s in pain from being alive.

Insect Zebra


#3 Face Party

Being deformed. at least this snake always has familiar faces by his side.

Face Party

Face Party

Face Party


#2 Gluttony

This picture is from the National Geographic and is 100% real. National Geographic news article states that this Python swallowed an entire pregnant sheep in Malaysia, and had to be removed from the road by the fire-fighters. If this beast can swallow a full sheep with it’s litter, a person wouldn’t be a problem.

Scary Fat Python


#1 My Precious

Although this animal is purely mythical, that doesn’t stop it from being very disturbing. Looks however can be very deceiving, if this creature really existed, in all probability, it could be a well mannered doctor, or a police officer.

Disturbing Animal


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