The 5 Most Funniest Bumper Stickers

Communication is often better delivered in an anecdotal style. Especially the things you want known by those who travel at high speeds around you, who also travels at high speeds. There are many intended uses for this roadie way of contact: some like it to express their opinions, some use them as intimidation tools, expressing individuality, and then, for some, there is no better traffic time entertainment. Regardless of your connection to the world of car bumper sticking, the odds are, you like the funny ones. And henceforth, here are some of the funniest bumper stickers from many far reaches of the information superhighway. Share the laughs.

#5 Paper Draft

Some road travelers might be out of the glossy laminated stock, but not out of the funny ideas. Hopefully he was able to early score one for the second election. Then the second term would be driven in style.

Paper Draft



#4 Is God Plotting?

I give this person huge bravery props. This almost qualifies as asking for it. There are many people who could perceive it that way. They must have great insurance with unlimited accident forgiveness. Or maybe, somebody who really hates this person attached this unbeknownst to the car owner, as a set-up for someone else to have a reason for hitting them. More inquisition only raises more questions.

God Is Plotting


#3 The Social Statement

If you drink and drive, then you are screwed no matter what. That being either in the form of a DUI, or a 9 month surprise. Bars should have beds, and people shouldn’t dismiss the positives of the chastity belt use. I kid.

The Social Statement


#2 Little Information Highway

Early reports confirm the following car owner doesn’t have Geek Squad protection on their AAA card. And this truck is probably a Ford. If the same happens to you, pull into the closest USB help-center. Distinction between the types of highways is important.

The Regular Information Highway



#1 Big Deal

The following is not a loaded statement, it’s the real deal. Political promises had to be transported for the security of the people who made them. I hear they store them in a secret government base in Nevada. Same promises are being reused to deny their own geographic presence there, in the town of Lincoln.

Big Deal



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