The Most Anaphrodisiac Females

One of the most favorite hobbies of a modern citizen is gaining self-confidence from the misfortune of others. It’s wrong and at the same time it’s everywhere. Jerry Springer sums up any example in two words. The show has a mass army of an audience of trolls who need their dosage of people with lower standards. It would be wrong to deny our primal troll urges, only because they exist in the majority. So without further a due, the list of the most miss-fortunate faced women, who are all presumed beautiful on the inside.

#5 The One That Got Away

No matter how one person looks to another, even this one probably has someone who thinks she’s his/her queen. I think I threw up a little in my mouth typing that.

Dark Beauty


#4 Peace Out

Let’s be friends.

Peace Out



#3 Oh Man


People who would be perfect for The Dawn Of The Dead without any makeup, make for the best zombies.

Oh Man




#2 Evil Is Real


Some pictures are not meant to be seen. Too late.

Evil Look





#1 The Queen Of The Damned


The worst of this crew happens to be a creation of art. Think of her as the opposite of Mona Lisa. In most probability coming from a mind a bit more twisted than that of the da Vinci.

The Queen



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