The New List Of Best Trolls

As far as internet trolling goes, has been the original prankster authority, and stayed the viral king of it’s category. The website is genius. A place for all internet pranksters to get together and celebrate their best jobs. Featured on mediums like cnet, HFtT project strives to bring users one best troll of each passing day, and after years is still yet to ever disappoint. This is the third installment of the troll collection. After cleaning your pants from the laughter induced urination, go see the 7 genius HFtT posts, and the 5 funniest facebook trolls.

#5 Hick Diss: FB Style

All animal experts agree, this joke is more about the respect for women rather than the animals.

Hick Diss


#4 It’s A Text Thing

Texting couldn’t really get any more passive aggressive than this.

It's a text thing


#3 Original Prankster

HFtT wouldn’t be the class publication without their original in-house pranks. This one targets a lonely Irish pedo.

Original Prankster


#2 Sex And The Farm

Pamela Anderson most likely didn’t get jealous when these nudes of Sarah Jessica Parker leaked all over the internet. Yahoo Answers community, as always broke this story with unbiased & ruthless journalistic integrity. Please steer away children from watching the following nude photos of the Sex And The City star.

Sex & The Farm


#1 By Trolls For Trolls

With the invention of the information superhighway, experienced trolls can now give solid advice to troll youth within seconds. As opposed to resorting to subliminally embed secret prank advice into mainstream media, as in the good, golden days.

Troll Lessons


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