The Top 5 Strangest Dresses

Clothing was invented to cover up the parts of human shame, nonetheless, some can be even more shameful than what they cover. Humans perhaps dress for attention, to emphasize the best features of the body, the form, possibly even as mating tools & for the individualistic expression. Just as all the prior are great reasons to dress classy, some people use fashion for considerably idiotic reasons. The pitch for the list is set, the following five photos have won an inclusion. Since compartmentalization is popular here, this article will cover dresses. To men believing they’re safe, is already plotting. Are you the next worst suited male? The cams are always watching. Whatever the cause for the strangest wear is, the most important thing is that it’s photographed – everyone can witness the wonders of the strangest expressions.

#5 Dress Warped

Unique dressing can channel the need to be optimally recognized by the potential mating partners. One thing I can’t stop myself from raising is the kind of a partner the following person is attempting to meet. This photo shows that some things can be artistic undercover.

Dress Warped



#4 Peacock Back

Did you know that the peacocks are male? I wonder how many went into making that dress. As the source points out, notice that this is a wedding dress.




#3 Wardrobe Function

No matter how bad a situation can get, I would think it’s never a good strategy to masquerade one’s inner dress as an open tourist tent. What if the locals try to borrow sugar? Not quiet practical. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Camo What


#2 Bubble Wrap

This lovely duo don’t need much explanation. They explain things well. One additional strange fact, the source URL weirdly states the following in Russian: “Any festivity must be planned for. Good time to start seeking a good Halloween costume.” All that inside of a url, in Russian. Spooky.

Bubble Wrap


#1 Fail Naturale

These two take nature way too literally. In their quest to completely connect with the earth they have won the first place for a clothing article on the Internet; I’m not sure what to make of that… Please don’t tell them. The tall one seems feisty.

Fail Naturale


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