Comics On The Top 3 Scariest Buildings

So I was thinking about ways I could try to add something onto the existing format of ListSalad. One particular notion I want to experiment with is making my commentary more relating to the segment than just using simple words, maybe making a comic sketch of how I feel about the particular photo that’s being presented as best in whichever field. That way I can have a photo report on a photo. There are many list sites, and I want to stand out from the bunch. Internet is very unpredictable, this has never been tried before in this type of a list presentation. If people like it, then every list on this site can be told through a picture commenting on another picture from all over the internet. Please enjoy & share.

#3 Royal Chiller

So not every British locale that starts with Royal, & includes a fancy location like Hertfordshire, has to be light and marvelous.

The Royal Chiller


Picture Comment (Click image to view in Full-HD):

Royal Chiller Comic

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#2 The Sight Of A Thousand Sewers

There could be very many different reasons for a building to look this bad.

The Sight Of A Thousand Sewers


Let’s take a look at one, highly improbable possibility (Click image to view in Full-HD):

Bad Idea

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#1 Natural Horror

Now, there is something extra scary about this place. It is almost as if this picture tries to say that the tree wasn’t cut down completely, but very injured. All to host a scary looking house. This half alive imagery is complete with the black and white tone, to make for quiet possibly the scariest building on Earth.

Half Life


For some reason this horrible sight got me thinking about pirates and wooden legs. Go figure. However, it’s true that one man’s garbage is anther’s treasure. Maybe this kind of a thing is “natural”?

Secret Treasure

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