Top 5 Incredibly Funny Photoshops

Very few things in life are as funny as random humorous jpegs, digitally altered for an even stronger comic relief. Days at work could last a lot longer if employees wouldn’t stay busy scouting the internet and sharing the most humorous finds via the internal outlook post. The funnier the picture that you found is, the funnier you seem to your colleagues, basic sociology. Henceforth, the big idea of this article is to find some of the best, and put them next to each other for your convenience of sharing. You can milk this list for a week, sending one funny a day to all of your fans, supports you in taking all the credit.

#5 War On Cat

Kitty tastes like freedom. Freedom cries!

War On Kitty



#4 The Sadliest Catch

Okay, sadliest isn’t a real word. So what, this picture isn’t a real picture. Let the shark deal with the catch phrasing.

The Sadliest Catch




#3 The Blonde Lure

Is this much different from stuffing paper in the bra? Actually, it is. Whenever you see that couple and think “How did he get that chick?”, something like this picture combined with the lack of intellect may very well be your answer. Or maybe she just appreciates his Photoshop skills. Nah.

The Blonde Lure



#2 Whose that daddy?

This image is brought to you by the real horrors of the future. Hey, what did you think the genetic age reversal research is all about?

Whose that daddy?



The second image of the “Whose that daddy?” edition.

Whose that daddy too?



#1 Wild Power

Men of all shapes and types are expected to train their muscles. Some look more funny doing it. Everyone likes big cat jokes.

Cat Power



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