World’s 5 Funniest Dogs

Despite of all our unique online tastes, most people like the Internet for things like the endless abundance of the funny, & or cute pet images. Since the available amount of these images can truly be described as a never ending abyss, the job to select a handful of the funniest isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, I had to go through countless galleries of adorable pet cornucopia, it was all for you. So one day you could have the direct access to the best. All jokes aside, in my search, I noticed some photos trying to be funny at the expense of an animal, like putting them in unnatural positions. That is not humor, those photos are never recognized here. This list is for the truly funny, hence it must be lighthearted. Enjoy the read.

#5 Memorable Mugs

Wait, this article is about dogs, what’s Mel Gibson doing here? Can you see that hidden anger behind the puppy dog eyes? Click image to view in Full-HD.

Mel Gibson


“Whoa, the camera is so trippy!”



#4 The Stooges

Meet the three fine Southern gentlemen… The choppers most likely got some extra attention in the Photoshop.

The Stooges


#3 The Praya Playa

Isn’t loving the cat next door one of the commandments? It’s obvious this dog sleeps Sundays.

The Praya Playa




#2 “I’m Craaaazy!”

All I can do is: ROFL! This dog made me act like one. He should help with the vocals for the Kiss :).

"I'm Craaaaazy!"



#1 Art

I’m sure there will be a lot of tail wagging for this picture. It’s both funny, & artistic. Which doesn’t makes it a surprising catch for the first place.




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