5 Most Amazing Futuristic Aircrafts

Human fascination with flight will never die down. As long as there are feathered vertebrates for kids to want to imitate, the aircraft industry is destined for an infinity. But as many other things, only the fastest and the best will outlast the weaker of it’s own kind. The following list looks at some of the most amazing prototypes posted around the vast corners of the Internet today. Pick your best, and feel free to gift your friends this list using the social media tools on the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

 #5 Biggie Smalls

This amazing prototype features two huge engines along side a small, yet compact & cozy body. Biggie Smalls Source

A flock of these Linecraft TRs look as nothing else. Flock Of Rocks Source

#4 Not Hindenburg(s)

Hindenburg was a while ago, it’s time to move past the disaster. Since it, however, blimps are looked at more as the advertising vehicles for the audiences bellow, not as the dirigible that was meant to be the ship by air. The following two images completely look like airships, and not blimps. Therefore, they both make this list.

Not Hindenburg Source

Not Hindenburg 2 Source

#3 The Butterfly Drone

This futuristic concept resembles the future version of the drone kind. Although, it might also be a personal air carrier designed for just one person. It’s what you want it to be.

The Buttefly Drone


#2 The Speed-Breaker

In the not too distant future, this type of a flying rock can potentially circle the earth in nano seconds. Click image to view in full HD.

The Speed-Breaker


#1 The Official Concept

According to the source, this is an official image from the French airplane manufacturer Airbus. The vision of their product in the year 2030. This commercial line is firmly parked in the first place.

Airbus Concept 2030


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  1. Miley Cyrus says:

    This is all clearly bullshit. Circling the world in nano-seconds? We can already do that!


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