Extreme 5 Incredibly Weirdest Deaths

Every living being is only guaranteed two things, life and death. Death is an ugly part of life that consumes the ones we love, and eventually every single one of us. When thinking about dying, most people wish to go quietly, preferably in their sleep, without pain and warning. That however, is not guaranteed. Throughout time, very strange and bizarre fatal incidents have been recorded (For example, in 1975, Alex Mitchell died of not being able to stop laughing at the TV clip of The Goodies). There are thousands of these strange occurrences, while this list shortens it to the five most extreme. Discretion and caution is advised, as all of the following notations are truly disturbing in nature. This list is made specifically for the mature audience, as it contains elements not suitable for children.

#5 Bad Segway

Owner of the Segway scooter company, Jimi Heselden, accidentally rolled his Segway scooter off a cliff and subsequently drowned in the river in 2010.

Jimi Heselden


#4 The Insurance Ploy

In 1933, five men bought several insurance policies on a homeless man, ex-firefighter Michael Malloy, and tried killing him many times, in many various ways. He didn’t die from their multiple poisoning attempts (sandwich with poison and spoiled sardines) , running him over with a car, intentionally providing him with unlimited alcohol (Malloy was an alcoholic). Being sick of failure, but still determined, killers mixed alcohol with antifreeze, rat poison, and horse liniment, while the man didn’t die and always came back for more. Next came the attempt to expose Malloy to dangerous weather elements (freezing him), which he also overcame unharmed. The crooks however were not disconcerted and eventually killed Malloy by gassing.



#3 Game Over

Third place goes to the most popular death of the video game world. 1981, nineteen-year-old Jeff Dalley is the first recorded incident of a video game related fatality. He died of a massive heart attack after gaining a high score in the game Berzerk. One year later, a second boy, this time an 18-year-old, died after getting a high score in exactly the same game. Evil Otto, the villain the video game that laughs at the end of the game, was named the most terrifying video game enemy of all time by

Video Game


#2 Home Advantage – Life

In October of 1998, football game hosted by the Democratic Republic of the Congo turned deadly when lightning hit the field. The entire association team Bena Tshadi was instantly killed, while the entire home Basanga team lived. The UK Guardian attributes this event as the most game-ending injuries in the history of sports.

Bena Tshadi


#1 Russian Radiation

The following series of events are called The Dyatlov Pass Incident. In 1959, a group of skiers, mostly students, were camping in the Ural Mountains, the last clear thing about their actions is that they settled inside their tents for the night. In the middle of the night, all abandoned their tents with just whatever they had on and all died in unexplained ways. None of the victims showed any signs of the struggle. Six died of hypothermia, one had a fatal skull fracture, two people with massive chest fractures, and one girl was missing her tongue. Large amounts of radiation was found on all of the victims. After a long series of investigations, the only thing Russian authorities could say about the event is that “…compelling, unknown force…” was responsible for killing the entire group. Some of the later released reports suggested that some other hikers had reported seeing orange, floating oval shapes in the area, hours before the incident.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Broken, abandoned tent. Source

The Dyatlov Pass Incident


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  1. HFtT says:

    I wonder how the media found out about all of their attempts to kill that innocent homeless person. I hope this means they got caught.

  2. reproductive orphan. says:

    I believe that the information was gathered in a form of confessions from the killers.

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