Top 5 Incredible Science Experiment Videos

Some people believe that youtube was invented for mostly just watching amazing science experiments, without having to personally deal with all those complex chemicals and rules. Let the geeks show off their Harry Potter smarts, while putting on a great show for the masses, it’s a win-win for all. ListSalad wanted to make a great collection of the experiments that go beyond mixing Diet Coke with Mentos (although that was very cool at it’s prime). The following five demonstrations each utilize different laws of physics, yet in the end, they are all very interesting to watch.

Let’s put on the science goggles.

Science Goggles

#5 Sucking Up

A great example of how the energy of a flame can be used for our own devices.

#4 Lite

A lighthearted experiment to simple music, makes for a really joyful video.

#3 Suspended Levitation

There is nothing in the world like a magnet. Most of the things that immensely entertain us as kids lose their compel of our attention as we get older, while magnets remain as mysterious to us as the first time we handled them. The following video shows off additional powers of the magnet, making it even more amazing.

#2 Losing Marbles

Turning water into wine doesn’t seem nearly as impressive as the following trick.

#1 End Is The Beginning

This amazing demonstration proves that sometimes things end where they begin in nature, no matter how much different stirring up of things happened along the way. The name of this demonstration is Viscosity, which means being resistant to flow.


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