Top 5 Most Scariest Cocoons

In the cluster of things that most find very unappealing, some things find comfort and birth. Not that there are many cute cocoons, this list is designed to show you the creepiest instances. As with many things, just because something is unappealing, doesn’t mean that it’s bad and can’t serve a good purpose, as with the first item in the list, which is actually known to be combined with the human body; used in medical advancements.

#5 Franken-Strand

Scientific American shows this lovely exhibit to now serve as a strong provider of artificial body parts for humans, as it’s made out of the most exquisite silk that’s completely kosher with human body and the immune system.

Silk Cocoon



#4 Just A Guess

Would anyone be really surprised if a demonic mutant tarantula jumped out of this one?

Demon Cocoon


#3 The Human Ones

The concept of humans inside cocoons has always been pretty scary, there is even a scary movie done on the subject. What’s really horrifying however, is that this human cocooning is voluntary, and are actual products. Behold the following two concepts.

Human Sleeping Cocoon


Human Sleeping Cocoon


Hanging Sleeping Cocoon



#2 Slimy

This is a jello-like flower cocoon.

Flower Cocoon



#1 The Golden Bulb

As our scientifically inclined readers would be interested to know, this is a Common Crow (Euploea core) in it’s pupa stage of cocooning,  joined with the Umbar leaf.

Golden Bulb


Source: Public Domain

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