Top 3 Creepiest Plagues

The next time you’re riding your cramped local subway to catch that hot Justin Bieber concert that’s in town take a moment to guess which one of the three diseases listed below you may step off the train with. Due to the horrid nature of this list, it’s made very short. The top three count is based on the dreadfulness of the images associated, as opposed to the historic human toll. Some of the following photos can be considered extreme, discretion is advised.

#3 Tuberculosis

Serial killer with it’s 250 million victim toll is still on the loose with another two million victims every year. It’s astonishing how orderly these women look in this long hallway, first two reading as if this is just a normal routine at the health resort.

#2 The Flu Of 1918

Direct contact such as would be in the above picture, is the reason for the death of over 35 million people in one odd year in 1918. This is the sister flu of the H1N1, and new strains that periodically originate from birds to men.

#1 Smallpox

Any superficial soul shall bow to this nasty bugger that took out 100 million men. Many can say we just barely dodged the bullet as cases remained from 1500s to 1977. And who else is afraid that the virus is kept alive in the labs?

List source: All of the images used in this list are from the Public Domain.

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