5 Amazing Xbox 720 Concepts

We are days away from one of the biggest industrial unveilings in the world. Microsoft once again bets big to control the video game market. Very soon, in the early business hours of May 21st, 2013; we will know what technological standards will shape the direction of game development. As the only marginal American company in the console hardware/software industry, Microsoft will have to deliver for the third time in a row to remain in control. With high hopes come high fears; many Xbox enthusiasts hear rumors of bold moves like always internet connected only console, or no used game feature, can both potentially be very harmful. Millions of gamers rely on GameFly, GameStop, and their public libraries for their entertainment needs. Most of those options keep good games from aging fast on the market, thus holding the game value and profiting the industry at the same time. Even if the digital version of the game could theoretically be a cheaper alternative to a disc, it’s hard to predict how the values will hold since no complete digital game markets exist for consoles. My opinion is that this release should still be all about the hardware. Undoubtedly the all digital consoling will arrive, just hopefully not yet. I won’t even go into why connected to the internet only devices are reason destitute. Smart progress is timed well…

The following are the five best looking Xbox 720 concepts on the Internet. In reality, the console to be revealed won’t be any one listed here, while it might contain similar features to some of these units. The reason we just don’t know is because such things tend to be very well held industrial secrets. Enjoy the read.

#5 Thin Strip

Overall a good concept, while maybe a bit too nintendoish to be of higher rank. Also, Microsoft was never about thin sizes for consoles. The first Xbox was a giant in it’s age of thinner electronics. Xbox is about the delivery of the tight final product to both the consumer, and the third party developer. The official Xbox reveal promo e-mails contain a lot of black, I think indicative of more black on the unit, like later in this article.

Thin Strip



#4 X On A Plate

This is a pretty neat design from the xbox 720 central. I wouldn’t mind owning this item, given it has a lot of gaming power, the most important aspect of console gaming.

X On A Plate



#3 Size Update

This version is a clever size update on it’s predecessor. Many fans would really love this design as they already like their existing console shape. This picture also features the box, which gives me the segway to explain away the code name of Xbox 720. So, the current unit is 360, 360 degrees is a circle, 360 times by 2 (2nd generation of 360) is 720. 720 can be explained with two circles geometrically, which when combined can produce the infinity sign. Xbox gamers aren’t a stupid bunch.

Size Update



#2 Really Virtual

In times when we expect to see a glimpse of the future, we often imagine that glimpse more futuristic than it usually turns out. Yet we keep on dreaming for more, so this is for you big dreamer. These devices look like they should be able to capture your essence, and teleport it onto the most advanced virtual reality plain imaginable.

Really Virtual




Really Virtual 2



#1 Cover Star

If any of these are to be real, this would probably be it. This design was featured on a cover of the Xbox World magazine, a pretty big deal for concept art. This looks pretty enticing. In a smartphone type of a way… Alongside the Xbox crowd, ¬†generations of PC gamers will look at the specs of this soon to be revealed device, to buy their PC gaming components like the graphics card.

Cover Star



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  1. KoolioT says:

    I’m married to Xbox. Now I’ll be pursuing her younger sister. Sorry old box lol.

  2. Robbie K says:

    If they activate no used games, or always on, the console will die before it’s release. Hopefully not though.

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