5 Best Online Infographics

This list is a request from one of my readers, Stephanie G. I dedicate this article to her. Stephanie has been vocal about the need of a list of the best info-graphics, on the subject of the Internet. Not only did she suggest this great article idea, she also found me two great inclusions. For many months I have promised this reader an article on her interest, and as the time passed, I found myself not being able to live up to that promise. So here, finally, my promise is made good by this great addition to the hundreds of great articles I wrote for this website over the years. Thank you Stephanie for being a loyal reader, and envisioning new content which eventually found it’s way here, now, only because of you. I did spend a great amount of time scouring the net for the best infographs to show you. The common theme between them is the World Wide Web. Let’s check out the winners. I try to reward my readers, shout out some of your suggestions, and, or requests, and I will listen to you too. Have a great read!

#5 Securing Borders

This is one of Stephanie’s suggestions. I think it’s very worthy of an inclusion not only because cyber security is the hottest technology topic in the country today, but also because of it’s capability to present complicated statistical information – in an easy to read & comprehend way; Security should always be the first matter of discussion. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Securing Borders


#4 Around The Web in 60 Seconds

The capacity of the Internet is far more limitless than our own world, yet, when men started traveling, it was considered impossible to cross our planet in 60 days. Globe crossing at times took years. Now, on the brink of the technological revolutions left and right, we take many things for granted. Like what gets done in a minute. Like from one of the following examples, one minute online pushes out 13,000 hours of song playing, inside that one minute. That’s mind boggling. Hopefully the following graphic can ultimately boggle your brain as well:

Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Around Web In 60 Seconds


#3 World Meets Person

Yes, someone actually made a an entire social landscape chart. It would be wrong not to show it to you. Click image to view in Full-Screen HD.

World Meets Person



#2 Star Wars

Internet’s two biggest stars always compete for who will ultimately be the standalone communication tool of our society. To better understand the players, let’s examine the game. Thanks for another great find Stephanie. Click image to view in Full-Screen HD.

Star Wars


#1 Time To Go

This one seems to encompass many different online topics to come to some very interesting conclusions, and it’s also one of the best designed. Being best in facts and presentation lands it here, in the number one spot of the list. It’s time to go online. But for how long? Click image to view in Full-Screen HD.

Time To Go



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