5 Most Interesting Surveillance Tools

This list is a must-read for any potential spy. If you ever plan to have a low, triple digit number, then you are at the right place. Unfortunately this list can’t self-destruct, but on the positive side, due to our¬†extremely¬†low traffic you are likely to be one of the very few people who will ever read this list anyway. The following is an incredible collection of the best, and most interesting surveillance tools to ever exist. Feel free to educate other great spies of the future by sharing this list on facebook, and twitter.

#5 Refreshing Outlook

There is enough space for any camera inside the secret compartment of this Coke bottle.

Secret Coke


#4 Bug Bug

Meet UAV, a Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, reportedly used by the CIA. Overall testing concluded that this insect drone is very hard to control.

Bug Bug


#3 Watching Watch

According to the source, this watch comes with a snake cam that can see around the corners, and it fully records video and audio in color.

Spy Watch


#2 Eye In The Sky

Next time you consider littering that Mountain Dew can in the middle of downtown, think of the following picture.

Eye In The Sky


#1 Check Point

An entirely digital checkpoint in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Digital Check Point


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