5 Most Promising Xbox One Games

It’s hard to judge titles that haven’t been released yet. Following the same logic, it’s even harder to judge the unreleased games for also a yet to be released system. These are the hardships of picking winners. I truly believe that one can judge something he, or she is deeply interested in. I’m not the type of a person who is easily interested in very many things. Truth is, I hardly ever get extremely excited about anything. When it happens, it’s almost always about electronic gaming. Not to feed you much of self-absorbed biography, I do have to state that I grew up walking miles to the closest computer club to play some early titles like Prince Of Persia, and Wolfenstein. As a kid, I couldn’t spot a single flaw inside games that today seem completely pre-historic…

Operative word is today. Subject, best xbox one games. Turning the dial 360 degrees from 360, back to one, Microsoft is once again investing much more than just their reputation on being the choice console of gamers worldwide. Console release is nothing without at least a good software preview of the great hardware power to come. These first-generation xbox one titles will most likely dictate the future of Microsoft’s venture into their third console installment. Many deemed the company to fail at the first console, now millions of units of two generations of consoles sold along with millions of games, many like to think that Microsoft doesn’t have to try as hard anymore. I like to think that nothing is farther from the truth. Winning is never guaranteed.

The following list are 5 of the most promising titles headed your way. Don’t miss to see the wonders just around the corner, and feel free to let all the digital gaming enthusiasts know your opinions on this subject matter. Enjoy the read.


#5 Wolfenstein: The New Order

It wasn’t a complete accident I mentioned this franchise in the introduction. I think this is one of the most promising, as far as the first-person shooters go. It was good when I was young, now the comparative game engine is only a few million times faster, bigger, and stronger compared to the original. Don’t let the Third Reich change the course of time, undo the Nazi flag from the moon.

Wolfenstein The New Order




#4 Mad Max

The reason I chose Mad Max over the well anticipated Call Of Duty: Ghosts, is because I’m tired of franchise recycling. Nobody doubts this COD will have better gameplay, weapons, facial features, graphics in general. Heck, it will even have real soldier dog actors. The question here is if another franchise installment has as much power to give a new console life value. With a trailer like this, my money is on the rookie in this post-apocaliptic, third-person action adventure. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Mad Max Xbox One


#3 Sunset Overdrive

Past successes of famously unsuccessful consoles might not be good examples, but if this un-serious game can do for Xbox what The Crazy Taxi did for the Dreamcast, then there will be a definite shift of balance in the gaming world. This is an Xbox One original title. It’s benefits are not to be enjoyed by Sony and Nintendo. Not quiet a hyper slasher, not quiet a racer, not even quiet a third-person action shooter, but quiet a bit of all the 3 genres previously mentioned, mashed into one original Microsoft Studios title. An oxymoron in itself. This can be the next hybrid between Sonic 3D, and The Crazy Taxi. It will sell great. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Sunset Overdrive


#2 Ryse: Son Of Rome

Another Microsoft exclusive title that looks years ahead of it’s time. Guide armies in this third-person adventure, and fight along their side for Rome and it’s Democracy. One can’t be described something too incredible. Yet one glimpse at the following trailer, and you will be wishing for Thanksgiving to come much faster. 😉

This image is from an actual gameplay, not a cut-scene.




The trailer is also mostly gameplay.

#1 Watch Dogs

Although not an exclusive, Watch Dogs seems to be the most promising title of the next gen. consoles. The premise of this game is that in the digital age, everything is interconnected, and privacy is a myth. Tap into your secret agent instinct, and see what it would feel like to play with toys that dare to challenge human imagination. This game is the reason why Grand Theft won’t cut it anymore. People are very picky of the third-person sandbox titles, it has to be everything like The Saint’s Row, or nothing, like Bully by Rockstar. Don’t just chase your opponent in this game, simply pull out the light signal disruptor and make him get into an accident. And that’s just scratching the surface, it gets very deep. Graphics, plot, toys, weapons, action, combat, open world, this game has it all, and then some. By far, the best of show for E3 2013. Not yet released classic waiting to be enjoyed by millions of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Click image to view in Full-Screen HD.

Watch Dogs



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