The 11 Most Creative Barcodes

There is a direct link between the concept of the bar-code and freedom. Maybe that’s why there are so many uber astonishing creations, each representing a different vision of what this concept means to an artist. Usually List Salad lightens each list to the best five in the category, while this collection of amazing barcode creations is super healthy in a heavier mix of eleven, making this our most itemized article to day.

#11 Four In One

This cool quad looks good all around.

4 Creative Codes


#10 The Coca Code

Maybe this code contains the clue to the Coke’s secret recipe.

Coca Code



#9 Winner

This five piece profile contains some of the contest entries, celebrating 57th anniversary of the barcode by the

57th Anniversary Winner



#8 The Convenient Truth

Isn’t the state of the world where every person is tied down to a number already is a reality?

Modern World Truth



#7 The American Artistic Cluster

Each one of the following codes correlates with a part of the American history.

American Code


#6 The Spaghetti Code

This barcode escaped it’s 2 dimensions.

Fork Code



#5 The Long Code

When it rains, it pours numbers.

The Long Code


#4 The Two Zebras

This list gets wild with the presentation of the two untamed forces.

Zebra Code


#3 The Freedom Walls

It’s important to remember why we use bar-codes in our lives, who we owe this privilege to, and how close these codes relate to freedom, democracy, and the free markets…  Scientists predict that in the future, people will be able to scan bar-codes with nano scanners inside their eyes, so maybe there will be a lot more codes on more walls.

Free Market Wall


The Running Wall




#2 The Natural Number

This amazing photo brings barcode art to a whole new level.

Natural Number


#1 Exponential Growth

There is no size limit for all the good things.

Exponential Growth



Exponential Growth



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