Top 5 Coolest Green Laser Pointers

Ever since the early versions of the laser lights showed up in 1958, the world had stayed fascinated with that amazing bursting beam of thin light that can potentially shine on for hundreds of miles. According to the Wikipedia, the green color addition of the laser pointer family has only been available on the market since the early 2000s. Now there are blue, red, orange, yellow, and violet variations available. This list features the best images of the green laser pointer class.

#5 Writing On The Tree

Some people write on the trees by carving out each letter with a knife, while the more practical ones apparently just shine a light on it.

Tree Mail


#5 The Multiplier

Laser effects often multiply when shone through the different types of glass, like this specific item that multiplies one single laser strand.

Laser Strand


#3 The Big Print

This is a photo of a room containing a gigantic fingerprint made out of the green laser light. The final effect looks like The Incredible Hulk’s fingerprint trail. According to the source, such images can be made out of a laser pointer, 3D glasses, plumbing pipes, a miniature engine and glue.

Laser Print


#2 City Lights

The following two images of the green lights, high above the city scapes share the second place.

City Laser


Laser City Lights


#1 Astronomical

The following is a real telescope accessory laser tool used to study astronomy.

Astronomical Pointer


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