Top 6 Glasses-Free 3D Photos

Wiggly Art, Stereo Animated 3D, whatever it’s called, it’s cool. Evidently internet made the old stereo cards only better. Same concept, the now fast loop of the two pictures can simulate the 3D effect. Believe it or not, the new Nintendo 3DS works in a very similar way. The portable gaming console recognizes it’s screen position proportionate to the viewer’s eyes, and shows the part of the picture based on the movement of the object itself by the user’s hands. Duh…

#6 Classic

Could this be one of the first Stereo Animated Illusions? Stereo cards were used to recreate this effect.




#5 Jumps Out

This image was created by the NASA itself, showing that this system has the capability of recreating the real 3D effect. Click on this image to see it in full HD, how the artist intended it to be seen.

Jumps Out

Source: Public Domain

#4 That’s Deep

The depth capability of the wiggle art is craftily shown in the following image.

That's Deep



#3 Stereo Paws

This is the Charlie Chaplin cat of the stereo images.

Stereo Paws


#2 3D Splash

The water splash effect is genius for this type of picture.

3D Splash



#1 Desert Fish

It’s not a mirage. This ship is straight on the course to the number one place.

Desert Mirage



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