Top 5 Art Using Light

I dedicate this list to my old friend from school. Remembering the good-old days of school fun; That special little time frame when everyone lived in the moment, & nobody wanted to rush growing up. I want the person dedicated to know that I remember their presence naturally cheering me up and I think nobody can forget such a good friendship. It’s natural for life to separate many friends, but I think the person is often present not only in their moment, while at the same time being in someone’s memory. But enough with the cheese, a good friend like that deserves an excellent list to commemorate this moment now. For some time I’ve been noticing the Internet trend of people putting up art using lights. This new creative genre had progressed as presented in the evolution of this list to the first place. Of course, this blog is the ultimate say in the world of anything visual, so, really, everything in the world. What’s the name of the best lights artist out there? Find out in this article. And let there be games! Stay tuned for the next list of Internet’s Best Info-graphs, coming soon. Have a great read.

#5 Wasting Energy

This picture is a great example of the kind of art I mean. This isn’t photoshop, just creative lighting. I think this picture tries to show that loneliness might be a waste of energy. But what do you think?

Wasting Light


#4 Bat Shot

This Gotham style illumination must bring up his street credit. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Bat Shot


#3 Trend Topper

So far you saw the start of a trend using lights at night. One name had recently changed up the setting, and the style. Rashad Alakbarov is the name of the artist who is taking on the current evolution of this art form. Here, all using recyclable bottles. Craftily hung by wire to form the opportune design. Check this out:

Trend Topper



#2¬†Tree’s Secret

This botanically engineered message inside the plant is amazing. It uses the spaces between the branches and leaves to hold a special design. The trade-craft is similar to Rashad’s, but there is no indication this is his work. Sure second place, no doubt.

Tree's Secret



#1 Color Shadow Paint

The title to this item almost sounds like an oxymoron. Unquestionably the prime example of a real painting by shadow. Hook, line and sinker. Another great art by Rashad Alakbarov. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Color Shadow Paint


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