5 Most Amazing Futuristic Vehicles

We live in a very interesting future. Now, every second of our lives brings us deeper into the digital era. Each passing second constantly quantifies the rate of progress, becoming faster, each more than the second before it. There are endless possibilities for the world outcome, especially due to the technological age. Nano science alone promises¬† an immense transformation of life for all human beings on the planet within the next ten years. The categories of the way we transport information, and ourselves have always been on the forefront of the technological progress so far, so it’s a valid hypothesis for these dynamics to remain the same through time, if the progress continues. And the progress currently continues at a vastly quantifying rate. Most of us want the abilities of gods. I want to fly like a bird before I die. These abilities that science previously couldn’t achieve are now a strong possibility. Therefore, a strong look must be given to the responsibilities that come with the utilization of progressive tools. For example, if we let people fly jet-packs, we first must make sure nobody can throw a brick down during flight. So here, before you – are world’s best transportation prototypes. A list to the future. Hopefully a list from the future. Enjoy, read, share.

#5 Bus Line 2029

Methods of public transportation will either have to evolve along with the industry, or cease to exist. This is a good, optimistic look at what something that might hold 20 people and go 2000 miles an hour could look like.

Bus Line 2029


#4 Office Space

This neat hover bike could be the preferred food delivery vehicle. People would want to trade office jobs to fly one of these for a living. What a future!

Food For Thought


And this one could be more business oriented. Like the Iphone of the road. Is one wheel considered thinking differently? Click image to view in Full-HD.

Office Space 2


#3 Learning From The Best

Some conspiracies attribute current aerospace successes on government secretly learning technology from the fallen alien crafts. This image portrays that belief, without the dark, conspiratorial shadow dimming the subject. If this would fly even safer than a plane, I wouldn’t mind. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Learning From The Best



#2 Ungrounded

Since the first year of the car industry operations, a promise has been made to make them fly within 100 years. These 100 came and went, the man is still personally grounded to the ground. Imagine the adrenaline of personally controlling the following.



#1 Transport Transformed

In progress, as the time passes, tools become more equipped. For example: first there was a small knife, a nail clipper, pencil sharpener, and small scissors. Then a pocket knife was invented that incorporated all of the previously mentioned items, and that became a more popular tool than all previously mentioned combined. If you think about it, smartphones are digital pocket knives. They incorporate your digital camera, your watch, calendar, music player, video player. The same will happen with the transportation. The line between transport and other industries will cross. The following is an example. That’s a concept of a boat, that’s also your real-estate house. It’s a personal home that travels water as you command it. I think it’s genius idea for the most optimal way to have a house at every amazing beach one can only think of. All water is interconnected, and this future looks like paradise. Let’s try to create paradises for our kind. This tool would bring a set of it’s own dilemmas. Water piracy is one issue that comes to mind.

Transportation Redefined



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