5 Of The Greatest Underground Caves

Humans have a natural fascination with caves. Visiting one of these can be a very exciting slash mysterious slash eerie experience. After all, it’s not a coincident that the fictional superhero of the masses, Mr. Bruce Wayne, has a deep emotional connection to caves in general. That fact symbolizes a cave to be the original source of both the fear and bravery at the same time. Post enjoying of this list, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

#5 French Underground

This sewer museum is like nothing else. French Underground   Source

#4 Open Space

The behemoth size of this hole makes it extremely unique. Open Space   Source

 #3 Reflected Totality

This underground gem is called the Cheddar cave in England. It looks like a place where one would expect to run into Lara Croft… An Underground Gem Source

#2 Incredible Orient

According to the source, this is a first runner up for the top 10 most amazing underground caves. This cave is called Reed Flute, and is located in China. Night VisionSource

 #1 Hole Counts

Welcome to the bird eye view of the world’s deepest man made hole. According to the source, this is a diamond mine in Russian Siberia. Translated from Russian, it bears a simple name of The Pipe. With over 570 yards into the earth, and now mostly closed, this landmark is the top (and bottom) underground cave of this list. The Pipe


Even Deeper



Amazing View



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