8 Funniest Motivational Poster Parodies

As probably any writer doing an article today feels, it’s of most importance to mention the best wishes, regards, and hopes to the injured & their families in today’s Boston marathon. As you already probably know the unsettling details of two bombs going off by the finish line. Attack targeted spectators of the race. As with any time of crisis, the best plan of action for people who want to help is blood donation, please call 800-RED-CROSS to offer your support. Also, google set up an online resource center for people looking for relatives among the injured, click here if you need to use this service. To this blog, it’s important to not show fear toward any entity that thrives on it. The show must go on…

They say comedy unites us all, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to cheer up our strong communities. This has always been a light, comical blog, and what we do won’t be deterred by haters. We will not feed the terror by making a list about some grim topic because of their actions… For some time now, I’ve noticed people turning some existing popular internet pics into their personal commentary, this meme style follows the motivational posters we all remember from schools, libraries, and offices. One might actually be surprised to find more de-motivational posters trending online than the real ones. That’s because the new ones are funny. So let’s reminisce the old posters in this new light that the respective authors have taken their time to create. This article is about eight of the best motivational poster parodies, among some other things. Enjoy the read & please follow.

#8 Peterism

If there is one person in the whole of Quahog impulsive enough to seek out the dangers of the forbidden button, you’re looking at him. Quagmire would only press it if it was under a skirt.




#7 Listed

Contrary to the belief published about the seal, this poster finally made a list. Does that mean the worst motivational poster is now the funniest parody? Click image to view in Full-HD.




 #6 Check Yourself

The “turn the table” philosophy of this poster makes it an easy inclusion for being one of the best de-motivational posters in existence. Plus I’m all about robots, so that made it even more difficult to turn away, as if it wasn’t hard enough. I know, that’s what she said.

Check Yourself



#5 Zombify

So does that friendliness transfer over from zombie to zombie through biting, or just some politeness. However it gets around, it’s contagious. I like to expect the best, and assume this soldier is too infected with some happiness. He deserves to be happy for protecting us.



#4 Hello Kitty

Ah, that’s who Joker got it from. Just funny. That’s Beetlejuice by the way, if you were wondering.

Hello Kitty



#3 Ambition?

I would call it over ambition. As in the ambition is now over, and the psychosis is onset. Burns is a horrible guy, but he gets his comeuppance in comical ways, even a baby can shoot him… I would love to write for the Simpsons. I think I could do “doh”. 😉



#2 Rage

Finally, the rage and motivational memes had a baby. This pic might remind you of some cat you know that takes gaming just a little bit too serious. If you feel lucky you’re only connected by a headset when you accidentally snipe him off, then you know what I’m blabbering about.





#1 Fool On A Hill

As the Beatles said, he “sees the world spinning round”, so let’s not judge him too much. After all, without idiots, there wouldn’t be any brainiacs. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Fool On The Hill


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