New 7 Greatest Facebook Trolls

To all readers: This is a 18+, adult article. Please read another article if you are under the age limit. Minors reading this article will violate the site rules.

Fire up the: “facebook trolls” request on google, or bing, and chances are, you will see that one strong force has been cleverly covering the art of troll. That being troll engine (it even has a huge troll shuffle-button), the first online troll blog is the central library of the greatest pranks known to man. Let’s just say it would be Bart Simpson’s only reference book, if Bart was real. That explains the reoccurrence of my sources, through already several articles I wrote about these fb funnies. I don’t think this topic needs much more explanation, given if you’ve read this far, you probably have an idea of the type of an article you’re presented. Have a good read, & spread the laughter.

#7 5$ Growing Pains

Sorry to have put a number in the title next to another, but I really wanted to add a subway reference.



#6 Kidding You

Do you find this as not funny? Is it not worthy of a number 6 in your perspective?



#5 The Like Sign Is…

The face makes a hilarious reference to a bone. Is that AP Style appropriate, actually, who cares?


#4 The Kinky One

To the fans of the kinky, don’t worry, there is one in the number one spot too. Every article has at least one reference to that primitive thing most adults do. Let’s just get it over with. That’s what she said…


#3 The One Liner

True humor doesn’t require a long anecdote.


#2 Square EMC2

The pride of Facebook trolling lies in the power of critical thought.


#1 Turn To The Book

If only one book was the source of all of human wisdom, then people would just paste chunks of it to each other. Plus, isn’t Facebook a different kind of book than the Testament? This kind of insight helps me put in some absence content. One thing to the opposers, all of it came from the holy word, not me, or anyone I know.


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